Keep your eyes open, watch out, Daddy God is sneaking up on you and you are going to be enfolded in the biggest hug ever. That hug is going to undo in moments what has taken years to erect – walls of protection are tumbling down, being breached by love that will surge in; it will come in power and wash clean. Hurts, fears, protective masks are going to be washed away and instead of feeling exposed and unsafe you will know healing.

There is a new outpouring of the Fathers love for you now! Ask Him for it, ask Him to wrap you in His arms and love you.

Over this year there is going to be an increasing awareness of the Fathers love and for some, Daddy is going to surprise and overwhelm them with love like they’ve never known before. Love is going to pick you up, hold you to itself and never let you go. Enfolded, protected, sheltered, safe and other words like these are words we will hear over and over again, as people try to find words to describe the feelings of being loved by the Father who is love itself.

For some who have not known a Fathers love that feeling will at first be strange yet at the same time everything you have longed for. It will become your strength, your safety, your trust because you will know that one who loves like that can be trusted and where he leads you can go, knowing He goes with you into every circumstance of life.

When the Word of God says there is healing it doesn’t mean ‘learning to cope’. It doesn’t mean living behind a mask in case other Christians see you aren’t really healed and you will be exposed as a fraud somehow. There is real healing available in Daddy’s love. Allow Him to love you to wholeness. Allow the orphan heart/spirit to be removed from your life and the spirit of sonship to be implanted within you. It is absolutely critical in this season for those in the Church to allow Father to love them. The sons and daughters of God that the earth has longed for will never be revealed without it.

Ask Him to love you now. He will you know, and you will be changed by His love!

Father I pray you will wrap your arms of love around every wounded person and in doing so will wipe away years of hurts and woundedness. I pray that those who know your love will know a fresh reality of it filling and refreshing them, now! I pray that your love will become our place of strength and trust this year.

Father, I pray for a removing from hearts and minds of arrows that have pierced and words that have wounded. We cancel the assignments of words that wound. We cancel the assignment of words that tear down and demolish people both within and outside the Church. We cancel every curse spoken by Christians who spoke before thinking and spoke before loving. We cancel every curse spoken by Fathers, Mothers sisters and brothers. We cancel and break every curse spoken by people in positions of authority that brought wounding and hurt into peoples lives. We break the power of every word curse, every incantation and every image used to bring curse upon people; we decree their power broken now!

Instead we decree a releasing of the oil of healing, the balm of the name of Jesus to be applied and the love of the Father to wrap around those things and bring healing to those wounds. Holy Spirit, pour in the oil of healing and Father come and bind their wounds with love. Wrap them in your arms and love their hurt away I pray.

Let the outpouring of love come… now!