Day 8

Part 2 of Increase…

Increase of the glory

There will continue to be an increase in the glory – the manifested presence and power of God. Manifestations of that glory will increase. Correspondingly, as human bodies encounter the glory of God, they will be affected. Spontaneous healings will take place, miracles will occur, shakings, falling to the ground, etc will increase. At the same time God is releasing an understanding that this is not new – it has happened in every move of God in every century, but now God is releasing more. Oil, supernatural weight-loss, gold fillings, glory dust, gemstones and more; what we’ve seen in the past is just the beginning as God pours out afresh in this land. Expect it. Don’t say “It was nice for a season, but that season is past.” It is not past! What you saw before was a foretaste of what He will release.

Increase of the supernatural

At the same time hunger for the supernatural will continue to grow, both in the church and in the world. Christians will become increasingly dissatisfied with church as usual and hunger more and more for the reality of a power filled Christian life. The Church is in a state of radical reformation – much needed and longed for by many. Supernatural sons and daughters are rising up in the love and power of God and will more and more work miracles in daily life. They won’t wait for a church service or crusade meeting. Out on the streets boldness is increasing as more and more the church wakes up to who Jesus is in us. There is a release, an impartation of boldness today for those who will take it. Father, I release that impartation of boldness now, in Jesus name. There’s a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit coming upon people today also, be filled in Jesus name! Can you receive an infilling, an impartation by internet – too right;  there is no time or distance in the spirit realm, God works beyond those, so be filled – now! Tell God right now you receive it and then begin to walk in it. Don’t wait for the feelings of boldness step into faith, open your mouth and the feelings will follow as the power of God is released through you.

There is an increase of visions and heavenly experiences this year. Expect to have them they are part of your inheritance. Jesus walked in them so can you. Father, open their eyes to see, their ears to hear and their heart to receive all you have for them in this area. I release vision now in Jesus name!

Sons and daughters will more and more openly talk about their heavenly experiences with a supernatural God. Where before they hid their experiences for fear of being ridiculed now they talk openly about them, not to glory in the experience but to glory in the God who can do those things. As the true wheat grows along with that will come a rise in tares – those who for one reason or another fake experience or teach that the flesh can take you into heavenly experience. Be aware so you don’t get caught up in that deception but do not throw the true out with the false. Seek the true and let the Holy Ghost lead you into truth. He knows all about the glory and supernatural realms of God and only He can guide you safely into experiences in heavenly realms.

In the world there will be a rise in hunger for the demonic side of the supernatural. We see this already with mediums and other things blatantly filling our TV screens and enticing young and old to dabble in that realm. But there is an increase coming.

Increase of Joy

The Joy of the Lord that is our strength will increase in our land. There will again be outpourings of joy coming upon people, in their homes, in their churches, and even in the market place.

“This outpouring of joy will also become a weapon in my children’s hands. My people will join me and begin to laugh at the enemy’s plans. As they do strongholds will be broken, bitterness dealt a deathblow and healing released. My joy will deliver many from the hands of the enemy,” says the Lord.

Lord, I stand with you and I release it now. Let the waves of joy surge across this nation from top to bottom and from side to side. I decree that your people will gain new strength as it does and that the works of the enemy will be brought to nothing in their lives. Blessing and favour will increase instead as a spirit of joy is released in the land.

We are called to release heaven into earth – and have fun doing it. It is okay to have fun serving God. The joy you feel as you see God work through you is born of Him. Revel in it, marvel at it. Thankfulness, joy and fun in service will increase this year as people step from striving into rest.

Wrap up

Well, there you have it. These are the insights I have received so far from God for this coming year. I pray that they have witnessed with your spirit and with what you have heard from God as you have prayed into 2010. I pray that God’s plans and purposes for both you as an individual and the church in New Zealand will be fulfilled in total, with nothing missing.

I asked in Day 1 of these entries if you know what is on the Lord’s heart to accomplish in you and through you this next year. If you haven’t had time yet, to ask God, why don’t you make time during this Christmas season to do so. God is doing exciting things in our nation at the moment and I’d hate you to get to the end of next year having missed out on what He had for you.

Please feel free to feedback to us constructive comments on this series of prophetic insights; we can be contacted through the email address here on the blogsite. I’d love to hear what you believe God is doing in our nation.  Bless you all as you walk into this New Year.

Release heaven into earth – and have fun doing it!