Day 7


Increase of revelation – an increase in the release of the spirit of wisdom and revelation.

“The revelatory realms will continue to open. Heavenly encounters and visitation will increase this year. This is an ongoing release that will continue to build and break on the land as I ready my people and make them more heavenly minded so they will be more earthly good. They will be blessed to be a blessing and to release my blessing,” says the Lord.

We are openly encouraged to ‘seek those things which are above, where Christ is seated…’(Col 3:1) we must see what God is doing to be able to co-operate with Him in it.

Increase of angelic activity – new angelic assignments.

Angels of breakthrough are being released into the land. Angels bringing provision are coming with supply trains filled. “New supply chains are opening – provision will come from the right and the left, from the North and the South. Get ready to see and receive provision. Angels to minister refreshing to weary ones are rushing into the land to make ready the harvesters. Get ready, get ready, get ready, I am coming suddenly.”

The harvest is upon us, and we need to make ourselves ready for it. Make sure you are rested and refreshed this summer. In several meetings lately we have seen angels coming with basins of water and towels to minister to and wash the feet of the weary ones. God is refreshing and restoring His Church so that we are ready to ‘go again.’ Yesterday I mentioned an acceleration in evangelism and that things will happen quickly. We must make sure we are always ready so we don’t miss opportunities when God opens them to us.

Angelic assignments to reveal Jesus to Muslims & Hindus

As we were in the Spirit during a meeting a few days ago I very clearly saw ‘Angel of the Lord’ encounters for Muslims and Hindus happening in New Zealand. I saw them having face-to-face encounters with Jesus or the angel of the Lord, awake and in dreams. I saw incredulous looks on their faces as the realization of whom they were encountering hit them. I saw revelation break through in their eyes as they saw the Lord. I saw person after person accept Christ and swear loyalty to him.

Father, I stand with you in heavenly places and release that now into New Zealand. Let the revelations increase, let the encounters come. Angels, we come into agreement with your assignments. Go and do what God has called you to do!

Angelic assignments to reveal Jesus to Children

At the same time I clearly saw angelic encounters for children happening, especially children who are broken and hurt. I saw children lying in bed, afraid of what might come n the night, and those who encounter night terrors because of demonic activity. I saw angels who bear peace and the revelation of Jesus coming to them and even teaching them to stand against the demonic that would seek to attack them. Some of them will be transported to heaven and come back and tell of the wonders they see, causing many to hunger for that reality. These young children will begin to see their families changed and saved as a result of their encounters.

God we come into agreement with you on this. Let the visitations begin! Let the little ones come to you without hindrance. We decree the release of revelation and heavenly encounters, we decree the ceasing of demonic encounters, we bind their activity and we release the angels of God to work in the lives of children across this nation. Face to face encounters with Jesus – increase! Heavenly visitations – increase!

There is too much in this section for one days entry so I will continue this section on increase in tomorrow’s entry.