Day 6


Accelerated destiny and breakthrough shifts into the promise

New birthing – conception, growth, development, birth…

There is an acceleration of breakthrough for birthing and the membrane that has held people back from the promises of God being fulfilled will suddenly give way; it’s about God’s timing. Barrenness is giving way to God’s promise. Hannah wanted a son and God wanted a prophet – someone that would hear and obey, and in doing so bring a nation out of spiritual apathy and disobedience. We want something to come from our lives, to birth something we can call our own. God wants to birth something through us that sets a people and a nation free. Allow His purposes to be conceived and birthed through you.

Accelerated possession – There is a possessing of the land happening. Churches that had no home will find homes this year. Title deeds to land and buildings will be handed over – this is a sign of a greater possessing of the land that will happen in the spirit.  There is also a grace for those who long to own a home. There is strategy available for the ‘how’ of making this happen; ask God for your strategy.

Acceleration in healing emotional issues – “There is an acceleration in healing emotional issues coming for those who will run toward healing, not away from it. Insecurities will bow, shyness will be broken, wounds of generations will be healed and iniquitous holds destroyed. Face the giants of hurt and woundedness so you don’t repeat destructive cycles. The orphan spirit will be dealt a death-blow in those who will recognise its work in them and come to me, allowing me to father them,” says the Lord. “I am releasing the knowledge of my spirit of sonship into peoples hearts. Where before they knew they were sons with their head now they will know with their heart and they will come into a place of peace and rest.”

Acceleration in Evangelism with Power

“There is an acceleration here, now, in the area of evangelism. What before took ages of careful working and building relationships to speak into lives will happen quickly. It is coming; do not despair if it seems harder at this present time than before, it is a false wall, push against it and it will dissipate before you. Where before you shared with words now you will share with words and power. There is an acceleration, I am coming quickly into peoples lives and they will run, they will run, they will run to me, says the Lord. Ask for the release of my power, then be bold, do not hold back and you will see, I will come though quickly. ”

Acceleration In World situations

There will continue to be an acceleration of darkness and an increase of shaking in the world – the dark will become darker but the light is and will continue to become increasingly brighter!!! I am not talking doom and gloom here, far from it. I am talking about the releasing of the glorious sons and daughters of God to shine brighter and become more full of God’s power as the world becomes increasingly more hopeless, despondent and violent with famines and wars increasing. As they do, many will be saved, healed and delivered as a result of that revealing of the sons and daughters of God. The harvest is upon us – let us make sure we are ready to take part in it and reap.