Day 5


Expectation / Hope – there is a rising release of hope again in the body of Christ. Sons and daughters who have been dissatisfied or despondent are beginning to be filled again with hope. An expectation that God is going to do good things in and through them is awakening within them.

There has been a lack of hope that has been fueled by an inability to see what God has been doing, and that has brought God’s people into fear and unbelief. Where there is no vision the people perish (Prov 29:18). Too often we have taken that to mean ‘where there is no project to get on board with’ but its meaning is simpler and deeper than that – it is about our ability to see. Where people cannot see what God is doing, or wants to do, they get discouraged, and slip into fear and unbelief. That causes their hope to perish and they then slide into passivity and apathy; spiritual decay sets in and the end result is loss of spiritual life. Remember – the thief comes to steal kill and destroy (Jn 10:10)

Expectation to see & hear – Expect that there will be an opening of your eyes and a sharpening of your hearing in the Spirit. This ability to see is critical for our Christian walk in the days ahead. Many Christians are living frustrated lives because of their inability to see and hear what God is doing.

Expectation to know God’s will – Too many don’t know what God’s plans are for their lives and so they lack purpose, causing a drifting from day to day and a slow slide into passivity. They wait for God to reveal to them whether they should become a lawyer or whether they should go to university; but those are in some cases being used by the enemy to sidetrack people when the will of God that has already been revealed lies unwalked in. Expect the plans and purposes of God to be unfolded to you. Expect that you will discover more of your true identity this year and in doing so there will be an unfolding of God’s will. So  much of God’s will for us is written plainly in the Word. Expect the Word to be opened more to you so those things that are written there, that are His will for you, will become rhema’s that release faith into your life and propel you into supernatural divine encounters.

Expect miracles, expect the supernatural – “Expect them, expect them. expect them! Expect the miraculous, expect the supernatural, let the power of expectation fill you, it draws and calls me to act. True biblical expectation is irresistible to me, it draws me like a magnet to the one who walks in it. It is the precursor to my releasing the word that gives faith. Expect the supernatural, expect miracles, they are here for you to grab hold of and release into the earthly realm, says the Lord.” There will continue to be an increase in the release of the supernatural, press through your fears, press through your personality barriers, press through passivity and unbelief and look with expectation for God to act.

Learn to rest in your expectation– There is a place of rest and not striving in expectation that is there for you to step in to. Expectation that causes’ striving is not what the Lord has for you. Don’t go into your mind, stay in the Spirit. Surrender to the Lord and rest in Him, you can’t make miracles happen but you can position yourself in faith and rest and expect God to work through you.

In line with that, there is a place of seated authority that God is bringing people into. Seated authority is that place of rest in the presence of our enemies. Psalm 23 will become more and more the reality people walk in as they rest at that table God has prepared for them in the presence of their enemies and decree from that place of seated authority into situations and see them change. No striving, no flailing reactive warfare but strategic well placed blows that cripple enemy resources and supply lines.

Trust – Trust is a key foundation for expectation and faith to blossom within us. Trust will again be a focus this year as God deals with the things that rob us of our ability to trust Him. There will be situations that God will allow because we must see where our trust lies. Our trust must be in Him, not in our efforts, our bank balance, our families etc. It must be only in Him.