Day 4


Alignment with God and the Kingdom of God

This year decide where you stand. Commit to living a life of obedience to God, of hearing and obeying. Make a commitment to live a Kingdom lifestyle – one of words and power (1Cor 4:20). Think with your renewed mind – let the ‘mind of Christ’ work in your thought life. (Rom 12:2, 1Cor 2:16) Expect the supernatural; expect the miraculous to become part of your everyday life. Expect to walk as an ambassador of that kingdom, not just know in your head that you are one.

Alignment with God’s Word – logos and rhema – we need to know God’s word and come into alignment with it. So many Christians don’t know what the Word says about things or else don’t live by what it says.

God is saying – “Hear from me, come into agreement with me, stay in agreement with me no matter what your circumstances say, then watch your circumstances give way to what your faith creates.” Have no plan B and don’t allow your plethora of choices to steal your faith. Living by faith takes the stance – “My only option is to believe what You have said. You can use any means you like, God, to work the miracle I need, but the baseline is – it’s You. You’re my only option.”

Abandoned into deeper relationship with God – How far will you let me go God? How abandoned will you let me be? How deep is too deep in God? What is our fear? Is our fear that when we find out how far out the boundaries of God are, and what He has for us, that we will be responsible to walk in it? Is our fear that we won’t be able to live up to the greatness that is God within us? That we will let Him down, so it’s simpler not to try? We need to face the fear, whatever it is, and know that God has already made provision for all our fears and that we can trust Him. There’s that word ‘trust’ again.

Alignment with Identity– “Align yourself with who I say you are. Prophesy – decree my purposes over your life. Believe you can do what I call you to do, go where I call you to go, release miracles where I call you to release them. Believe!”

God is causing sons and daughters to realise that that’s who they really are – sons and daughters of God. They are beginning to believe they are inheritors of the Kingdom of God and that doesn’t mean when they die but now here on earth, and that they are called to release that Kingdom wherever they go.  These sons and daughters are rising up in presence and power. They know their power walk comes from the secret place of intimacy of relationship with God. They are ones who, like Jesus, see what the Father is doing and do it and hear what the Father is saying and say it. As they do, the Kingdom of God is released and situations change – often in an instant.

Alignment with others

Recognise people by the Spirit. Listen to the promptings and checks of the Holy Spirit so that you won’t step into alignments, friendships, submission situations or contractual agreements that either aren’t godly or aren’t what God has for you. Make godly alignments. Disentangle yourself from ungodly alignments and that doesn’t mean just ungodly alignments with non-Christians. This doesn’t mean that we should cut off all contact and friendships with non-Christians. We are to be in the world but not of it.

Some ungodly alignments with Christians may need to be severed in order for you to move on to what God wants for you. Yes, they do happen unfortunately and we need to be aware of that.

It’s heart alignments and soul ties that are the issue here. A soul tie does not just happen in a sexual relationship. It happens when your heart becomes bonded and submissive to another person, either by your will or their manipulation and control.

Alignment with a Kingdom perspective

There will be an increasing call from God for Churches, Pastors and congregation members to align themselves with a global Kingdom perspective, not limiting themselves to just their local Church perspective. In other words, we all need to know what God is doing in this hour and season and come into alignment with it. We can continue to focus solely on ‘our vineyard’ but if we do we will find we will become insular and introspective, and may at best have to play ‘catch up’ or at worst miss out on what God is releasing.