Day 3 – Looking ahead to 2010

Hebraically we are already well into the New Year now, but here in NZ most individuals (including me) and churches usually work by the Roman calendar, where the New Year begins January 1st. I realised with some surprise during writing these insights that while I am addressing myself to this year starting Jan 1st I had already begun to see evidence of these things happening since the birth of the Hebraic New Year (Rosh Hashanah) in September 09. So to some of you these things will be no surprise as you will already be noticing them beginning to be released. For others of you it will be the first you have heard of them, but as you read them I pray the Spirit of God will give you a witness in your spirit regarding them.

As with each year I asked God for words to encapsulate what He wants to do this year in the Church in our nation then an expansion of those words. The words He spoke were





So over the next few days I will expand on those and release the things I believe God has given me to release over the nation.

(Is 45:11) ASV Thus saith Jehovah, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker: “Ask me of the things that are to come; concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands, command ye me.”

God is saying something here; He is saying we should ask Him about the future, ask for prophetic revelation then begin to co-labour with Him by coming into agreement with Him and asking Him to do those things he has revealed. The different Bible translators are equally divided as to whether God is stating something here or asking if we dare question Him. I am going to go with the former here, as that is how it came to me; as a rhema from God concerning prophetic decree. I believe He is saying – ask me what I want to do, then come into agreement with me through prayer; tell me what you want, release the word and give me something to work with. God has given dominion of the earth to us but He wants and chooses to co-labour with us.

It is amazing that the God who created the universe, who called all things into existence and holds all things together by the power of His word chooses to co labour with us in seeing His kingdom released and established on earth as it is in heaven.

Our words are powerful. They as well as our actions release the power of God to work in us and around us as we hear and see what he is doing in heaven, come into agreement with it and release it into Earth by our words, decrees and obedience.

As I release these words over the nation this coming week I align myself with Him in expectation and co-labour with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit who broods and hovers, waiting to set the power of the spoken word into motion and create the reality of that which is released.

Alignment, expectation, acceleration & increase are waiting for you and your life this year in many areas. Ask the Lord to show you and unfold those things to you over the next few days as you read the other entries.  Get ready to start some things in motion in your life this year. Get ready to ask and get answers. There will be a seeing in the spirit realm that will cause you to come to a new place of alignment, expectation, acceleration and increase this year. Faith & expectation will increase, answers will come quicker, things will happen, shifts and changes will come suddenly for many of you this year as you continue to press in to God. The adventure is shifting to a new level get ready for it.