Day 2 – Looking back over 2009

Many of you will have read the Prophetic Insights God gave me for 2009. If not, they are still on the blogsite (see pages above) and you could look them up if you want to read the whole series. But I will do a quick breakdown on those before I release what God has given me for this coming year. Some of those things carry over into this year, too, as God continues to build on them. The three words God gave me for 2009 were…


Praise before

Step into

These were further broken down into the following areas


Trust and ‘Father’ ‘Mother’ issues – dealing with the stuff of our past so we can trust God the way He deserves to be trusted – wholeheartedly, without reserve, with childlike faith.

Trust and moves of God / manifestations – trusting that God is big enough to know what He is doing and why He is doing it and that when manifestations happen He still knows what he is doing and why.

Learning to look for the revelation hidden inside the manifestation.

Trust and provision – will God provide for us or not? Dealing with our unbelief. We saw trust being a big issue on God’s heart for His people this past year as turmoil and insecurity tried to take hold of them. Many had to look and see how deep their trust of God actually was. For many it was surface level as the cares of the world ripped at the seed of trust and the Word planted in their hearts. Some found that their trust was deeper than they thought, as they stood against the winds of circumstance that raged around their lives. Trust will continue to be tested this coming year also. Allow God to test it so that you can see what needs strengthening and then, with His help, strengthen it.

Praise before…

Praise before – before you see the manifestation of what you’ve prayed for. Praise in faith, believing that God has already granted all you need pertaining to life and godliness (2 Pet 1:3)

Continue this year also to use the power of ‘Todah’, the power of thanksgiving and praise that honours God and prepares the way for Him to show you His salvation in whatever circumstances you face (Ps 50:23). This kind of thanksgiving is the thanksgiving and praise of faith. It does not beg or plead with God to supply what He has already promised is ours. It takes the promise and by faith begins to thank God in advance for those things already released in the heavenly realm but not yet manifested in this realm, and in doing so it pulls them from one realm to the other.

Step into…

Step into… wholeness – finding real healing for hurts and wounds. This is, of course, something God is always doing, but we definitely saw an increase of it this last year and it is one of the things God continues to highlight for 2010

Step into… destiny / the will of God for your life. More and more we, the Church, are waking up to who we really are and what we are called to do – release the Kingdom of God with power into the earth. Many are finding that the will of God for their lives is not whether they become a lawyer or a checkout chick, but that they move in power, healing the sick and releasing the captives, wherever they are.

Step into… boldness – and be empowered to share the love of God and move in miracles

Step into… the supernatural & revelatory encounters – they are here now for us to walk in daily by faith. There will continue to be an increase in this during this coming year as the Church rediscovers that walking in revelation and encounter has always been our inheritance and is not just for when we die, but now.

Step into… change – change in jobs, change in churches, change in personal life issues, change in economic situations, change, change, change. Come to grips with it, embrace it and enjoy the adventure.

Step into… financial security – related to trust and being secure, whatever the state of your finances. Also step into secure finances.

Step into… your glorious future – the church as a whole, and each of us individually, are undergoing reformation. Bring it on God, change us!

We have definitely seen the reality of these words released and established this year, but their work is not yet finished. They will continue to work in us and around us as God adds to that the things He wants to do this year. Continue to allow God to work these things out in your life this coming year and allow Him to build onto them new things.