Day 1 – Vision

2010 is almost here – we are about to leave 2009 and enter a new year and over the next 8 days I will be releasing a series of blog entries on things I feel God has been saying to me concerning 2010. Eight is the number for resurrection, new beginnings, putting on the new man. I believe it is a significant number for where we are in the timetable of God and for this coming year. There is a putting on of the new man happening in the Church in New Zealand, It’s happening to new Christians and old alike; the new man, the glorious sons and daughters of God is being birthed and we are in the beginnings of it. We are not yet what we will become but we are also not what we were.

Do I have the whole picture? No, that would be foolish and arrogant of me to think so, but I do believe God has shown me some things as I have asked Him to – so I share from that perspective. The Bible says we know in part and prophesy in part.

This time of year when we move on from one year and look forward to a new year with all its promise stretched out before us is a time pregnant with promise. For us there is a genuine sense of excitement in our spirits as we look forward to what God will do among, and through, us all this year.

One thing I know is that unless we hear from God and discover what He has planned we will not be able to align ourselves with His plans and purposes. We will tend to drift into the year and the busyness of life will swamp us and the year will slip by. Then we will get to the end of it and wonder why our lives haven’t changed and why God’s purposes for us haven’t been released and established. The Bible puts it this way, “Where there is no vision the people perish.” (Prov 29:18)

What’s your vision from God for this coming year? What do you feel is on the Lord’s heart to accomplish in you and through you? I’m not talking about New Year resolutions here but the plans and purposes of God for your lives. There is destiny waiting for you. See it, hear it – receive that rhema word from God then reach into the glory, grab hold of it by faith and pull it into your life. Decree it daily over your life; envisage it happening, pray into it, asking God to release the provision and favour needed for it to be accomplished. Then, in His timing, begin to step out and walk into it.