Last night we had our muso’s practice and sitting there in the church was a surprise – Elmo sat waiting for us to turn up and ready to turn our time together into a laugh-fest. Thats right -Elmo the short red furry monster Elmo, and boy did he make us laugh. But the adult in us prevailed in the end and we did get on with the practise eventually. Funny thing though, everyone there seemed to think Elmo reminded them of me. Now I definitely aren’t red and furry but when I get drunk in the Holy Spirit I have to admit the similarities are surprising.

One of the guys in the team said he had heard that young children laugh on average 400 times a day. Whether it is that much or not it is certainly still a lot more than we laugh as adults. It made me think when it was that I last laughed but then I remembered it was only a day or so  ago so I felt a bit better then. But it certainly wasn’t five minutes ago or five minutes before that and it certainly wasn’t 400 times yesterday.

How many days has it been since you laughed? The Bible says that a merry heart is as good as a dose of medicine for whatever ails you – okay thats my version but it does say that, in slightly more correct English, and it also tells us the Joy of the Lord is our strength. There is a divine exchange waiting for you today, His joy for your weakness, His joy for your despondency,or your depression. Father God wants to take upon himself and take away any heaviness you are carrying and in exchange give you His joy.

So if your strength is waning and you feel like you could do with a dose of good medicine check out this You tube clip and let Elmo and Father God cheer you up.