Yesterday we held a Prophetic Fair at Pursuit Church here in Auckland. The emphasis was on the freedom and fun of the Kingdom of God. Well, it definitely was fun, there was freedom and it powerfully impacted the lives of those who attended. I’m sure some of you are wondering, “What on earth is a Prophetic Fair? And should the two words even be linked together like that?” No, we haven’t gone and treated the powerful gift of a prophetic word with disrespect, but we have taken it out of the realm of being super-spiritual.

It was a great morning of experiencing how the prophetic can be naturally supernatural and how we can use it in our everyday lives – at home, where we work, on the bus and in the mall. We looked at, modelled and experienced as a group the different ways God can give us revelation – like through objects, by highlighting a person to us, giving us mental images, and many ways prophetic words can be expressed – through poetry, song, story, art and even words of encouragement inside balloons.

I had a wonderful team working with me that included adults and children who I had great confidence in and knew were all accurate in hearing from God, and bold in stepping out, even when I put them on the spot. For some of them aspects of the morning were stretching but they all stepped up and God worked through them mightily to touch peoples’ lives. The congregation also got involved in giving prophetic words to each other and by the end of the morning (which went by so fast) everyone had been encouraged and strengthened in their walk with the Lord, and each had given and received several prophetic words.

One lady said to me at the end of the morning “You should do this everywhere, it’s much better than a sermon.” It was as powerful as any sermon, as God spoke to us all about how we have put the gifts of the Holy Spirit in a realm that is beyond most of us and only for the gifted few. By the end of the morning everyone in that room knew that they could hear from God and give a prophetic word to someone. And isn’t that what Church is about? – training the saints for their work of ministry. I think we definitely did that yesterday.

Who said the Kingdom of God had to be dull and boring? It’s not – it’s vibrant and full of life. Who said operating in the gifts of God had to be all serious and unnaturally super spiritual? The world doesn’t want to see an unreal church, they want the church to be real and really filled with the power of God; they want and need us to be who we are called to be – releasers of God’s love and power everywhere we go. When we step out it is a grand adventure with the Holy Spirit as our guide and teacher. What could be more fun than that! I think we’ve been lulled into believing a lie, somewhere along the way, regarding the super-spirituality of using the gifts, haven’t we.  Let’s deal with that lie and release people and equip them to go and release heaven into earth.

We did that yesterday – released a bit of heaven into earth, and had fun doing it.