The presence and power of God is definitely being released in the South Island at the moment. We have just returned from holding a Glory School in Christchurch with ChCh North Elim. Stewart, Marilyn and the team there are hungry for God and are pressing through into the miracle realm and seeing Gods glory being released.

For those who don’t know a Glory School is where we teach what is legally and scripturally ours to access in the spiritual / heavenly realms. Its a time of being activated to see and experience those realms and to know how to access ongoing revelation from God when you go home from the school.

The power of God hit us in a big way and we had such fun especially in the Holy Spirit session where He showed up big time and I tried to teach it half drunk under the Holy Spirits power. Angels turned up and people saw them and felt their presence. People saw visions and had heavenly encounters with God as Father and Jesus. Some saw visions of themselves or were even transported in the spirit to other nations to share and decree Gods plans over peoples lives. I will include some testimonies with this report.

People came from as far as West Australia to attend and we even had some English tourists who heard about it and arranged the NZ leg of their trip around attending it and God did not disappoint them. All met God in very life changing ways.

Here are some of the testimonies

  • I saw NZ as a sleeping creature – being awakened, one eye open then rising to its feet, then saw flames, getting smaller then taking up the whole screen of my imagination, they reminded me of the Australian bush fires. They seemed to be a long way off and then came very quickly.
  • The Holy Spirit walked me up the staircase to the throne and Father. My Father was overjoyed to see me. He stood up and his arms were open wide, joy on his face and he said “Hello my child, I am so happy to see you” as he gave me a big bear hug and twirled me around.
  • An angel touched a coal to my lips, I fell to the ground, Jesus came held out his hand and asked me to dance, I felt so loved, qualified, it was a beautiful time.
  • I saw a huge lion carrying a sling in his mouth with a baby in it. He was so gentle and so kind. He padded slowly up to the Fathers throne. The father peeped in and beamed with delight. “She is perfect” he said. The lion of Judah agreed. Holy Spirit whispered in my ear “That baby my child is you.” Wow!
  • One man said that he saw himself entering the throne room and the angels cheering because he was there.
  • I was taken up to heaven through what looked like a ladder of DNA – my family DNA. I was greeted by family members already there – wonderful! Jesus got out the ‘Book of Life’.  Then he took me back down to earth to the roots of an enormous tree – my family tree. He handed me a spade and reminded me he had already given me a book of my family ancestors (hundreds of them) scattered all over the globe. Jesus re-commissioned me to rewrite my book ‘White Linen’, my testimony and send a copy to each person in the book. Wow!
  • One woman, as she was getting ready for the second morning of the school, found herself suddenly on a plane talking and sharing with a man there about Jesus and God. She spent the whole flight telling him about God and his love for him, then suddenly she found herself back in her home. Later on that day God gave her a vision of the man meeting with his family and telling them about the white lady who told him all about God.

There are many more testimonies of Gods goodness and awe inspiring power but that will give you a taste of the weekend. The heavenly relams are real and accessible to us as Christians. God is opening that realm t people everywhere. Ask Him to open them up to you!

I’ll finish with one more testimony sent to me today by a lady – “My aunty of  92, unconnected with any church at the moment, was watching ‘Hour of Power’ in her resthome on Sunday, when God took her into the heavenlies (she called it a trance), and talked to her, basically about how she was trying to fix her family by herself. When she came to she was ‘shaking like a leaf’ and didn’t know who to talk to about it except her sister, my mother. From being disillusioned and cynical, she is now believing for miracles! God is good!”

He sure is!