A couple of weeks ago I was pondering on the state of the Church in our nation and these words began to flow within me. Obviously what I say does not apply to all within the Church in NZ but it does apply to a fair portion. I was forced to look at my response to her sleep and encouraged again to speak, to call her into her fullness. So, awake, sleeper awake! Come out of the cave where you have lain, asleep but not dead. Lazarus was dead and he was called forth, we will not let you lie down and die while we have breath to cry. Awake, sleeper awake. Come forth into your glory.


I see her lying there


Alive not dead

Stirring now and then

I think

She wakes

But then she settles

And turns again

to slumber

What she was

is not seen in what she is


and what she will become

lies yet to be revealed

when she awakes

But oh the promise

For she is powerful

If she but knew

Yet in slumber

She lies unknowing

Shall I call

awakening her

or hold my tongue

and let her sleep

face it

speak I must

or else

i like her

choose sleep

– Lyn Packer 2009