We just had an amazing weekend running our first school of the prophetic called ‘Prophesy’. Although it was small in numbers it was not small in impact on the lives of those who attended it. Some came to refresh themselves in the basics of prophecy and others came because they wanted to learn how to move in the prophetic. All left at the end encouraged and challenged to step out in the prophetic in their everyday life and be the blessing God wants them to be to those around them.

The worship times led by Rob were rich in the manifest presence of God with prophetic revelation flowing in song and spoken form. At one point we sat in silence for 10 minutes as the presence of God washed over us in waves of peace and refreshing; other times were full of intercession for unsaved family and friends or rich worship for our God of wonders. The worship times were all varied and full of Gods presence. 

The teaching and activations were interspersed throughout the weekend although the bulk of the activations came on Sat afternoon and evening. The activations into the prophetic were a great time of stepping out in a place of safety and security. The favorite activation turned out to be the one where the people prophesying had no idea who they were prophesying over. They did so with their eyes shut so all the soul realm like sight, sound, touch etc was removed. The prophetic words were (as we expected) accurate which of course delighted both givers and receivers. One other fun activation included a bottle of pomegranate juice – and the prophetic words for the Church in NZ from that activation wore the theme of Gods heart, plans and purposes for the Church of NZ. All were very insightful and true words.

The weekend ended all too quickly and we could easily have spent much more time exploring the many other aspects of the prophetic but this is a school of the basics so maybe we can do another more in depth one later. In this we covered  things like – Understanding God’s heart & prophetic values; Hearing from God/discerning His voice; Judging and responding to prophecy; Working with God to see your prophetic words fulfilled; How to give prophetic words and lots of activation times and prayer for impartation and release into the gift of prophecy.

It was a great weekend and a time of seeing people released and encouraged to be a prophetic people not merely a people who believe in prophecy.