2nd Glory School

Day 1 – Holy Spirit came powerfully to touch many and release them. Six more hearing problems of different sorts healed, about twenty baptized with the Holy Spirit and most of those spoke in tongues, many powerfully touched as the Holy Spirit fell upon the crowd. Some laughed, some shook, many cried as the Holy Spirit healed emotional wounds, some were set free. It was a good start. 

Rob did the faith session Thurs morning and felt in the Holy Spirit to really go for the whole area of offenses which he did. We believe it was a very timely and needed word in this nation as people will not deal with their offenses because of saving face and so all blame goes on the other person. Many saw or sensed angels during the day as well. The joy of the Lord broke out as well with many laughing- some for the first time ever in their life. Hard to believe but true!!! By the end of the school on Friday people had laughed, cried, been healed, been slain in the spirit, seen visions and had heavenly encounters. God is so good and we are so privileged to be a part of what he is doing.

Thurs night – We ministered tonight to some of the international workers here. It was a wonderful time of God refreshing them and thanking them for their service. There was a wonderful prophetic flow as Rob lead us in worship with him ministering so sensitively in prophetic song releasing the angelic and working of the Holy Spirit. I got into a prophetic flow and ended up prophesying over everyone there. It was a great night. The most precious part to me was two angels who came, one carrying a bowl and the other a towel. They were so excited to be sent to minister. They were excited because the Master had sent them to do as he did – to wash the disciples feet and bring refreshing to their walk. I cried as I saw them minister with such joy to each person there.