Day 3

We were waiting for the doors to the rooms we were using for the school to open and one of the ladies said she had a damaged ear and was due to have an operation soon to fix it. She had wanted to be prayed for yesterday when the other lady was, but got so excited by her healing she forgot to ask for prayer. The eardrum had been damaged and something severed, so it had caused about 70% deafness in her left ear, and she asked if we could pray for her. So there on the stairs I prayed and God healed her, and then she said “I can hear better with that ear than with my good ear,” so I prayed again and asked God to make her good ear as good as the healed one and He did. What I didn’t know was that her good ear had a bad middle ear infection and God totally healed it. She was buzzing!

After people from the day before had given testimonies as to what God had done, Rob felt there were people in the room with back problems and that God wanted to heal them. About twenty people responded. We could not possibly pray for them all so the school leader suggested that we pray for a couple and when they were healed they could pray for someone else, and when they were healed they pray for someone also. So we did a short teaching on how to pray for the sick and demonstrated, and God healed those people. Then the healed people each prayed for someone and God healed them etc then people with other complaints wanted them to pray for them and God healed them. So in the end just about everyone was either being prayed for or praying for someone until about 90% of those in the room had prayer and were healed. Wow!!!

A friend of one of the people at the school had heard about the healings taking place and slipped into the back of the room. The school leaders were quite concerned at first, because he came in uninvited, and for all they knew he could be a member of the police spying on them. One of the leaders went with the man into another room to find out why he was there, and he said he heard about what God was doing and wanted to be healed. He asked for healing of his back and shoulder problems, the leader prayed for him and he was instantly healed and was also filled with the Holy Spirit.

One man said that his brother in law had a serious kidney problem and asked if we could pray for him over the cell phone. His brother in law was okay with that so I prayed for him, with a school leader translating, and he felt strong heat on his kidney. I told him that was the power of Jesus healing him and that God would continue to heal him and we told him to go to the doctor and check it out.

The rest of the day was just as amazing as people had amazing heavenly encounters. I can’t remember what they all were but one was a girl saw rain that turned into pearls, and God told her that it was her tears and that they were that precious to Him, like pearls, and then she saw a lot of other things too. She had many amazing encounters this weekend from touching the scars of Jesus to swimming in the river of life in heaven.

Another lady saw herself as a baby being held and rocked in Father’s arms and she said she had never felt love like that before. Then in another encounter God showed her being dressed in a beautiful white bridal gown and she saw a huge feast prepared, and God told her it was her bridal feast and she was his bride. She said she has never felt this love and affirmation before. Wow! There were many other heavenly encounters too and we will try and get testimonies so we can share them with you.

An amazing feature of this school has been activating the people into being releasers of the presence and power of God, teaching them on the power of the testimony, how to pray for healing, and releasing them to do it. God is doing something wonderful and powerful in the precious people of this land.