1st Glory School Day 1

We are in a sensitive situation in a nation ministering to the church there, so no names will be used in this report.

Wow! What a start to the Glory School here in ….. God turned up big time. Many of the things that happened today had never seen before by the people here.

The Holy Spirit showed up powerfully in the session on Him and spontaneous healings broke out. We never even prayed for the people, we just declared what God said He was doing and people came up and testified. About half a dozen were healed of things – pain in shoulder, necks, backs – one of the translators was totally healed of dysentery as she saw a vision of Jesus touch her stomach. The same woman saw about four visions today. She was blown away.

A lady was healed of long term depression. Many were baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. Many were slain in the Spirit, which has never happened here before. Some got Holy Ghost laughter and some cried and were healed and set free of things. So much happened and it is just day 1.

Day 2

There were 2 salvations today! One lady, a non Christian, came to see her friend who was at the school and stayed for a bit, unnoticed by the people running the school. Rob shared the testimony of the deaf people being healed on Saturday in Hong Kong and the lady spontaneously rushed to the front and asked to be prayed for, as she had been deaf in her left ear for over 20 years. We prayed for her and not only was she totally healed, she was saved, too. Everyone there was amazed at what God did.

Then, later, I shared a testimony of a cell phone being used and someone being healed as they were prayed for over it. One lady felt to go and call her father straightaway and tell him the testimony. She asked if the school leaders could pray for his bad headache. One of the school leaders prayed for him over the phone and he was totally healed. She then led her father to the Lord over the phone. Two salvations and two healings today – Yaaay! Go God!!!!

We also did the Bible character activation and the angel activation and many of them saw angels and got revelation on why they were there. It was amazing.