We have just finished our time in Hong Kong and moved on to visit our friends in China. In Hong Kong we ministered to local leaders and a local church as well as doing a two day Kingdom Glory conference. What a time we had there as the Holy Spirit ministered powerfully, On the Saturday night there was a freedom right from the beginning of worship as people full on worshipped. I felt God say there was someone with some deafness in their left ear during the worship but I felt it wasn’t the right time to step out on it so I waited for the right time to step out in it.

We sang about the fire of God and felt to release it over people, the power of God hit them and they shook and fell down and felt the fire. Then I asked for the deaf person and three people responded – all were completely healed. Then Rob felt there were people with lower back pain and some responded and again God healed them then we declared that spontaneous healings were happening and that God had healed people as they stood there and asked people to check out their bodies and quite a few people came forward and testified that God had healed them.

Then the atmosphere in the room changed and I felt to move into releasing the revelatory realms and asked people to close their eyes and God gave many people visions – some were absolutely life changing. Here is the testimony of one of them.

A young man shared through an interpreter that he had never seen a vision before and God showed him thousands of angels then he saw God touch him on the heart and he felt healing happen in his heart and things melt away that had held him in bondage and then God gave him a love for his stepfather that he had never had before and he went straight away and found his stepfather in the meeting and embraced him for the first time (this just does not happen in their culture a public display of affection so God spoke to many through it). He said he felt for the first time in his life that he now had a father and God showed him others things too. People saw heavenly places and some saw Jesus or the Father. One young woman felt God give her identity in him and heard the Father and Jesus and the Holy Spirit declaring things over her life that would be established in her life. Some saw chariots and angels.

So much happened I can’t remember it all. It was a night of glorious Holy spirit ordered divine revelation power and demonstration of who God was and is.

Sunday @ Glorify Grace Church

Rob spoke powerfully in the morning on ‘Learning to live from the heavenly realm’ from the verse – let help come from the sanctuary and support from Zion. Many of the people there saw visions and then came up and publicly shared what they had seen; one young man saw a vision of himself as a train on a circular track going nowhere then suddenly a new track opened up and he went zooming fast down it and it led up into heaven into a rainbow and then when he looked back he saw that his train was full of people and that he had taken others with him into that realm. God was showing him that his life was taking a new turn and that he would lead others to experience the heavenly realms too.

Then we did a prophetic presbytery in the afternoon prophesying for two hours solid over people, and the power of God coming and touching them and confirming His words over them.

It was a powerful time and God released his power in ways that had never been experienced before by most of them.