Worship – it’s not an event – it’s a journey that takes you into the heart of God and the centre of his will – if you let it. At Xtravagant Worship on Saturday night we had an amazing time of journeying with the Holy Spirit into the heart of God as Holy Spirit highlighted and ministered to us all the ‘goodness’ of God. So many people got ministered to by his goodness on Saturday night it was amazing. People were set free from bondages, received physical healing, felt physical manifestations of his love, and even felt supernatural wind blowing around them.

As we prepared for the night one of the musicians told us of a vision she had earlier where she stood face to face with Jesus and looked into his eyes. She said it was amazing to look deep into those eyes of love and as she did she felt she was searching for something. Jesus then spoke and said to her something like this(I can’t remember the exact words sorry) “Look as deep as you like, you won’t find any evil in me.” Unconsciously she had been looking to see if God was really good.

How often do we struggle with that. Is God really as good as he makes himself out to be, can I really trust him, is He really Love? I believe this is something we all have to come to grips with in this season; the Word says in Jer 33:9 that people will see the goodness of God and fear (be in awe of)Him. The fear of the Lord is associated with His goodness in this verse. The world longs to see the goodness of God as much as we do. But so often we try to get people to fear the Lord before showing them His goodness. It’s the wrong way around. Show them His goodness and they will stand in awe of Him. How often in your own life has the goodness of God moved you to awe? I would think it has many, many  times. 

Why must we grasp this? Because I believe the move of God in this nation that He is releasing while having accompanying signs and wonders and miracles galore will be all about His goodness and His love. That is why we are seeing so many people getting a revelation of the Father at the moment. We must know He is good and wants to be good in our lives so we can minister His goodness to the people we come in contact with. Why don’t you ask God for a new revelation of His goodness to come into your life. Maybe do some study and check out how many times the Bible talks about the goodness of God. Pray and ask Him – God show me your goodness that I might have a right fear of you. Then let the testimony of His goodness become the prophecy of Jesus to those around you.