What a powerful prophetic flow there was at the Glory School this weekend.  God really spoke a lot into the nation this weekend and the release of His presence and power was definitely very strong. It accomplished much in peoples lives, changing mindsets and lives as a result of their experiences with God and the life changing power of His Word. The students were hungry and pressed in to know God and many had wonderful life changing experiences. It’s interesting how multi-faceted God is and everyone’s experiences with Him show the personal touch of a loving Heavenly Father and were designed by God to touch areas of need, identity and purpose.  

One of the things we encourage students to be diligent in is in validating their experience by scripture and the character and nature of God. The first testimony below is a great example of someone doing that.

  • “During one of the activations I saw huge (really huge) pillars. They looked translucent, a bit like bright cloud or smoke or something, but with more substance than cloud or smoke. As people worshipped, the pillars seemed to grow, it was like the worship was going up and becoming part of the pillars. At the top of the pillars was a massive canopy kind of thing that seemed to contain the whole universe. It was full of stars and whole galaxies, lots of colour and life. In the middle of it all between the pillars was God’s throne. It was absolutely massive and bright. God was sitting there but He was too big and too awesome to really see.  So this morning I woke up thinking about it and I asked God to show me more about what I had seen. The phrase “God is enthroned on the praises of His people” popped into my mind, so I looked up that verse. (Psalm 22:3). I also found an amazing verse (Isaiah 40:22) which is what I was seeing during the activation.  “He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.” (NIV)  The most amazing thing about what I was seeing was the vastness and immensity of God and his throne. It made me feel really small, I’m not sure about grasshopper size, ant maybe. Seeing how people’s worship was forming the pillars was also amazing. That verse and the one in Psalms are cool verses, but actually seeing it is mind blowing. Normally I would have just read those verses quickly and not thought too much about them.”
  • There was one young man who got tickled and sat on by an angel. It had a huge impact on him regarding the reality of the love of God, supernatural realms and of angels.
  • Another man saw a vision in which during part of it he got wrestled by Jesus who told him that he (Jesus) was also his elder brother not just Lord and not to be so intense about life. 
  • “I was in the throne room, I could feel waves of Gods glory and love washing over me. I saw Jesus, he was giving me something. I asked him what , he said wisdom. Afterward Jesus said “study Smith Wigglesworth, I am giving you similar faith”. I saw the sea of glass. God said “We’ve been waiting for you, it is so good to see you here.”
  • “God took me through a series of corridors past a large range of people. It then broke out into blueprints of buildings and then cities. The Lord then said he was giving me blueprints to take cities and was taking me to the nations.”
  • “Jesus sat and told me how much he was proud of me and that I had matured even though I kept looking at my flaws.”
  • “I saw myself sitting on the Fathers lap and He talked to me.”
  • “I have been going through a hard time – God showed me I was in a battle and then I saw myself in a chariot with him and He said we would win the battle, that he will be with me through it all enabling me and empowering me. I no longer dread what might come but am greatly encouraged and rather than hiding in fear I want the freedom that will come at the end of the battle.”

God is so big and able to do far beyond what we could ever dream, hope or even imagine. His love for us and His plan to bring us to maturity and wholeness are such that He overlooks no need however small we might think it is. He continues to challenge our small thinking regarding just who He is and what He is capable of and I for one hope He never stops challenging me to believe more, dare more, be more and keep on being changed into the image of Jesus.