God is not boring! I love that about Him (amongst other things). Every time we hold an Xtravagant Worship night we look forward to seeing what He will do and how He will reveal himself to us. As we were praying, in preparation for last night’s meeting, we felt God say a couple of things that came together like jigsaw pieces to form a clear picture. Even though we had a clear picture of what He wanted to do we had no idea how God would get us to that place in the meeting and quite what He would do when we got there. 

As the intercessors prayed we saw rocks plugging up springs so that water could not flow freely. We felt that applied to both the nation and to people on a personal level. Then as Rob was praying he felt the Lord highlight the verses in Isaiah 61 that call us to be repairers of the breach and restorers of streets to dwell in, to repair the devastations of former generations. One of the things God showed him was that NZ is an ‘orphan nation’. It has lost touch with Father and as a result many of us live under the influence of an orphan spirit. This is what gives rise to much of the independence and loneliness in our lives and the feeling that we’ve got to ‘go it alone’.

We thought the evening would maybe take on a slightly more militant feel to it but God started to pour out His love and woo us in the most gentle way. There was the sweetest sense of the love of God there and it was out of that He started to break the bondage of the orphan spirit and minister to the generational breakdowns over families and individuals. So many people responded to the altar call it was huge and we had to get lots of help to pray for people. Then God started delivering people from generational curses and the restrictions of the enemy. God came and demons went and it was all done in the sweetest atmosphere of God’s love. So wonderful!

Then God led us into a time of interceding for the nation that the devastation of generations would be broken and we finished with the New Zealand national anthem and a shout of triumph over the nation. It was a powerful time!