This link was sent to me a few days ago. I believe it to be a true word from the Lord for our nation. The word was given at a New Zealand Revival meeting, by Pastor Peter Tan. It lines up with what we have been seeing and hearing ourselves and from many others over the last few months. Get ready NZ, cry out like never before, this move of God is birthing now. Cry out, lift your voice and let it be heard in Heaven and on earth – come Lord, come, move in our hearts and lives, move in our nation, change us, transform us.

This prophetic vision about revival in NZ has been made into an audio transcript and posted to Youtube. The description of the vision is 20 minutes long, so is divided into two 10 minute sections(Parts1 and 2), to comply with the Youtube 10 minute limit. This word has major implications for believers, for Pastors and leaders, and for the Maori people. . The awe of God filled the room as the vision was told, and towards the end you will hear the weeping and repentance of the people.

The Youtube links are