The Power of His Presence was certainly experienced in many ways this past week when we were in Christchurch. We were there at the invitation of Stuart and the team from Christchurch North Elim to do a school of prophetic worship. There was a very real manifestation of God’s presence during the weekend and many people were radically changed, set free and ruined for man centred preference based worship.

How do you quantify what God does in times like that? I find it hard sometimes to tell, each time we minister His presence comes in such varied ways. I guess in some ways we won’t know until eternity. But we do know we saw God do some deep things in peoples lives, mindsets changed and paradigms shifted, His power displayed and definite things happen in the spirit realm over the city and the nation during that time.

During the weekend I shared again the word  for the nation that I shared at His Way the week before and God confirmed it with a sign and wonder. I had felt while sharing it that God was going to confirm the word with a sign of a double rainbow in a blue sky that weekend but I was too nervous to share it (yes I still get nervous and wonder if ‘this is God’). So I didn’t share that bit and wouldn’t you know it the next morning we get to church and there above the church in a blue sky with no sign of rain is a double rainbow. Arrgh next time I’ll be braver. You never stop learning and growing do you?

The group of people that gathered were very hungry to meet with God and came from all over the region and even from down in the deep south. God didn’t disappoint them either and many experienced Him in new ways, some seeing visions and others experiencing his presence in ways they never had before. One lady commented to me she had never been in worship like it before another felt like she had finally come home after being away for a long time. We ended the weekend having a wonderful time with the team at the Church on the Monday praying for them and imparting prophetically into their lives.