This new website is definitely worth letting you know about. Since our return from the USA Rob and I have been a part of the fledgling NZ Prophetic Network which is a growing group of people with recognised prophetic ministries. The group was established by people that we have great respect for and is led by Lynley Allen who was on staff with John and Carl Arnott in Toronto for many years.

The NZ Prophetic Network has just launched its website this week. We are really excited about what this site will bring to the Church in our nation. It will have current prophetic words and insights into what God is doing and releasing in our nation and also as you will see on the site a School of the Prophets which I have been privileged to be a part of the formation of. It will be a three day training school to further establish and teach Prophetic ministers how to operate in and administer their gifting scripturally and with the Fathers love. The first school which will be held in October. We hope to extend the length of the school and depth of coverage of the subjects over time too.

Simply click on the link in the sidebar on our site or copy and paste the link below into your website browser and it will take you to the website .