On Sunday we ministered at ‘His Way’ Church in North Auckland. We have grown to love this congregation of passionate believers, disciples and worshippers and have enjoyed our times when we have not been ministering on a weekend and have gone there to join them in their worship.

We had a wonderful time this Sunday as God met people on a very deep level, healing, setting free and for many establishing a right knowledge of their identity in him and their inestimable worth and value – far more than the combined wealth of the planet could buy.

I felt to release a prophetic word that I had been sitting on for months waiting for the right time and situation to release it in decree over the nation. I have included it at the end of this entry. As I did Rob ministered prophetically in music. Then Rob followed that with a powerful teaching from Isaiah 60 calling us to Arise and Shine, knowing that the ability to do so comes out of the glory of the Lord rising upon us. He looked at what that glory is and the foundational need in each of us to answer two very important questions. “Who am I” and “What am I worth”.

The answer to these two questions must be settled within us correctly otherwise we will never fully take our place as the ‘sons and daughters of God‘ that creation has longed and groaned and waited for (to be revealed). He wove into this message parts from his teaching on Honour called “The Power of Honour”. He finished by singing a spontaneous prophetic song over the congregation calling them into the greatness of ‘who they are’ and ‘who God is in them’.

The presence of God came in a powerful way and many were ministered to and set free, prophesied over and released into knowledge of their ‘sonship’ (male and female). So when the devil comes against them now and says “Who do you think you are?” they will rise up in certainty answering “Devil, it’s not who I think I am it’s who I know I am!”

[If you want to get Sundays message contact ‘His Way’ Church but if you want to hear the full version of Robs teaching on Honour you can order the CD set ‘The Power of Honour’ from us by contacting us at nz@xpmedia.com or if you want to purchase it online go to www.creativefire.org.nz]

The Vision

During worship one day in a conference I became aware I was in a vision – in the spirit realm and spinning like a ice skater, like a top, round and round, faster and faster. As I spun a whirlwind began to form over the region where I was. It started out looking like a small tornado and then it grew until it was huge covering the whole region.

As the tornados top end reached the third heaven the earth end opened out wide. It became a whirlwind portal of glory (like a tube) and I saw angels start to dive into it. As they reached the earth they were spun out with great force into their assignments.

Then I saw other angels in the third heaven begin to throw things down into the whirlwind, into the portal. As I looked I saw that they were throwing down gifts and body parts into the whirlwind. I could hear talking in the Spirit “Just get them there as quick as you can, the demand is so great”. They were for those on earth (in NZ) who would stand and minister out of the whirlwind, who would take hold of the Kingdom with force – with passion and intent. They could reach into the glory and take the parts needed for those they ministered to.

Then I saw angelic horsemen ride out of the whirlwind and begin to ride around it’s outer perimeter (like Indians around a wagon train) but they protected not attacked. They kept back the forces of darkness from bringing destruction to the whirlwind and the children of God who ministered out of it.

Some of the horsemen reached into the whirlwind, into the portal and grabbed handfuls of it, handfuls of wind & also reached out and picked up people lifting them up behind them onto their horses. Then they rode out away from the portal to other places carrying the wind. At that point I became aware that other whirlwinds had already started over other towns or regions around the nation and what I was seeing over my area was simply a part of the whole.

Suddenly the whirlwind I was at exploded bursting open and a shockwave went out across the nation (like a nuclear blast shockwave) and a glory cloud covered the nation like a bubble that extended out into the sea to the territorial limits. I sensed that in it all the whirlwinds across the nation became one. I saw boats and planes coming from around the globe and as they hit the territorial limits they hit the glory.

I also saw in the vision that the violence of the wind scared some and because the whirlwind made a mess many rejected it as being something God would do.


I believe I was representative of the ‘Body’ in intercession in the vision rather than it being me personally opening this portal — Twirling like a top is a symbol of intercession/travail  chalal – 2490 – from 2342 –  to bore, to begin, as if by an opening wedge – often used to describe travailing dance Ps 96:9 1Sam22:15)

Intercession formed a link of power between heaven and earth. The movement of the whirlwind grew in effect the nearer it got to heaven – the tornado became bigger – wider as it reached toward there. Once that link was established it was able to fan out to cover more. First the vertical winning through in prayer and then the horizontal effect in the earth of the intercession.

The angels that dived in were angels sent out on assignment into the revival. They were enjoying themselves as they were spun out. I feel there was an ‘at last’ from them and that our prayers gave extra impetus to their sending. Angels throwing down things – I saw this and at first my eyes didn’t believe what they were seeing. My mind said the angels wouldn’t be so callous but it wasn’t callousness that made them throw them down it was sheer necessity the demand was so great that they just had to get them there the speediest way.

I believe God is saying that this season is a significant time to prepare in intercession for what God wants to release into our nation. This preparation is a vital part of releasing the whirlwind of God into this nation. It is opening a portal of divine power and strength. Healing will be a big part of it along with signs and wonders and unusual and extraordinary miracles.

It would not be a tame move – it would be violent and the violent (passionate, intentional people) would take it by force, they would be the ones who stand and minister out of it. I believe that while significant, the power released in the centre I was in was not the only release of this wind of healing. I saw other centres already with whirlwinds at the same time although this one was the largest and fiercest and the shockwave issued out of this one.

I hesitate to call what I saw a revival because I believe it is far more than that. It is a reformation and a restoration of the Church that I saw – a returning to God’s blueprint for the Kingdom of God and those who would walk in it.