Supernatural signs that point to a supernatural God manifested themselves in plenty on Saturday night at the Xtravagant Worship night. We came hungry and prepared to press in to meet with God, and Heaven leaked through onto earth as we did.

At the beginning of the night we prophetically declared what God is releasing into our nation – a move of God that is uniquely Kiwi; a reformation of the Church that will be accompanied by extraordinary miracles, signs and wonders followed by a reformation of our society.

One of the seers on our team shared with us that at the beginning of the meeting she saw a cloud begin to hover in the room that opened into a portal of glory then a rainbow manifested itself from heaven down through that portal into the room. Angels bearing bowls began to stream from the rainbow into the room to minister.

We started to worship, having come to declare God’s glory and worship Him with abandonment of heart, and as we did it wasn’t long before He was attracted to our worship and hunger and began to manifest His presence amongst us.  During the evening many heard angels singing audibly in the room. Supernatural wind began to blow and was felt by many (the air-con was off in case you’re wondering). Gold dust began to appear and oil also began to appear on hands. Some people had feathers manifest by them as they worshipped or found them later on the floor. The presence of God was heavy and very real as a sense of holiness filled the atmosphere, yet at the same time a sense of joy and wonder filled peoples’ hearts.

There were some there who had never witnessed any supernatural manifestations of God’s presence before. They were deeply touched and shared with me later that they didn’t know God did stuff like this. People were ministered to as God gave words of knowledge and some were set free of bondages during that time.

Many were strengthened and encouraged and by the end of the evening we knew that heaven had come to earth and we had been blessed and strengthened to go and be a blessing, to embrace and push in to what God is releasing in our nation.