It’s been a busy couple of weeks as we’ve eagerly awaited the arrival of our daughter Tanya & Phil’s baby. Being at the birth was a wonderful experience – to see a baby born without enduring the pain yourself – priceless!

For everything else to do with a baby unfortunately you really do need a mastercard! But that’s another story really.

As a parent at the birth of a grandchild, you want so much to be able to help yet at the same time feel helpless, no matter how much you actually do. You would like to be able to rescue them from going through it all on one hand and on the other you know they will come through this knowing there is more to them than they knew. You stand there and watch making small noises of encouragement and all the while your heart is bursting with pride as you see them dig deep and go that bit further and push that little bit longer than they thought they could do and then at the end of it all is this precious bundle of love all wrapped up in a baby’s skin.

I am in awe at how this precious baby was loved even before she existed in this world. While they are still within their mother’s womb you feel this overwhelming love yet they have done nothing to deserve being loved, they have not yet smiled at you, grasped your finger with their tiny hand, said their first word or taken that first tentative step. Yet you feel this overwhelming sense that you would do anything or spend everything, no matter what it costs you – you just want them to know they are loved. 

It all sounds like how God loves us really, doesn’t it, and the birth of my grandaughter has given me a fresh revelation of just how much God loves us and was willing to do whatever it took so that we would know He loved us. Im sure this journey of grandparenthood will be as much a journey of discovery for me as it is for her and I find myself looking forward to it all very much and already making plans for how to show her the preciousness of who she is to us. 

Oh yes, by the way her name is Eden and she weighed in at 9lb 2oz.