I love the freedom of being able to worship without boundaries that restrict and hem you in. To me our Xtravagant WorshipIMG_4517a Nights are times like that. There are no restrictions on peoples’ worship – they can dance, they can sing, they can lay prostrate on the floor or soak laying on the seats. They can wave flags, sit silently or draw and write their worship. It’s a time where we have time and spend time extravagantly on worshipping God. 

What exciting journeys we go on in the Holy Spirit as He leads us – sharing His heart and, often, probing and exposing ours. Healings, visions, ministry to each other – it can all happen and possibly will. Each time is different but at the end of the evening it always finishes the same – with wanting more! More of God, more of His presence, more of His power, more! Nothing less than more will do. 

Can you get too much of God? Too much of His presence? No, I don’t think so. Is there a danger of getting presence focused and experience based? I hope so! Without experience a relationship is nothing. Without experiencing the other person’s presence a relationship is nothing more than an unsatisfying imitation of what could be. Of course I am not promoting an imbalance here but how long will we continue to settle for the ‘less’ when more is on offer?

IMG_4313aI recently read an article by A J Butel on being a ‘presence based’ people, parts of which I have included below for you. More and more we see God calling us into a relationship like this and the Church to be a Church that carries His presence out into the world and releases His power as we go.

“We are being called to arise and shine as a PRESENCE-BASED PEOPLE—to be CARRIERS of His glory. We are moving into a time when we will begin to regularly and naturally demonstrate what we have been hearing and seeing and have had imparted to us.

However, there is a transitioning that is taking place and will now be accelerating. I feel that there is a further shaking that is coming to us which will not only be challenging, but absolutely exhilarating! It is a shake-down of any religious remnants, a shake-down of unbelieving mind-sets, a shake-down of pride and independence, a shake-down of disillusionment and frustration, and a shake-down of the fear of man.

And I see the Lord activating new realms of faith! Oh, such joy-filled, electric, expectant faith, where we will run FREE and UNFETTERED—emboldened by His love, strengthened by our unity of heart, propelled by His manifestation of power in and through us. There is a freedom that is coming to peoples’ hearts to receive and release God’s presence. Such a joy. Such a liberty in Him. Such an ease in His Glory.

I keep hearing, “He’s being poured out! He’s being poured out! He’s being poured out! He’s being poured out!” IMG_4296

The more we release His presence upon others—the more we dispense of this anointing, this warmth, this love, this joy, this light—the more He pours in. It becomes a CONTINUOUS CURRENT and generates LIFE, restoration, momentum and fruitfulness. Because freely we have received, so generously we will give! Wow! His oil is so incredibly abundant.

Do you want to go deeper into the Lord’s heart? Then release His Spirit on others. Seize those opportunities to share His heart with your world. Declare and decree His words of life and blessing around you. Give and it will come back to you FULL MEASURE, pressed down, shaken together and RUNNING OVER! “