Heavenly visitations, glory manifestations, angelic encounters, commissioning to the nations and Father love encounters – these all happened last weekend at the Glory School we held in Te Anau. The guys down there are hungry for God and pressing in to see even greater releases of the glory of God into their region and this nation.We were hosted by Fiordland New Life Church and Pastors John and Fiona Steffen. It was great to catch up with them again and help them build in the spirit this weekend.

Here’s something for you to tuck away and maybe pray through – they are going to be running a School of Supernatural ministry there in Te Anau next year – if you’re interested in spending a block of time being trained to move in both the power and love of God then maybe contact them for more details (benjicom83@gmail.com). It will be a powerful time of training, impartation and sending. These guys are seeing people healed on a regular basis out there on the streets as God shows up and is allowed to be God.

Even as we were setting up for the Glory School we felt the weight of God’s presence and the presence of angels. They left their calling card too – over the weekend we received quite a few supernatural white feathers that manifested as we worshipped. Also a couple of people had gold dust manifest on their hands as they worshipped. But it was the encounters people had with Jesus and the Father that were the most amazing. They came into two categories mainly – Father love encounters and commissioning encounters.

Someone asked why there were so many encounters that are full of fun and non serious unspiritual type stuff. As I thought about it the Lord reminded me that earlier in the year he had shared with me that NZ needed a fresh understanding and experiencing of the Father’s heart. (for more detail on that see the entries Prophetic Insights for 2009 -Day 6 Trust and Father issues). I have noticed at the last few schools that there have been quite a few encounters for people with the Father and I believe that God is doing something in our nation in that area in this season. NZ is called to be a nation that walks in the glory, that knows its society being transformed by the love and power of God. I see a day coming when families are restored and the Fatherless become fathered. So it makes sense that God would be working in that area in the church as hurts are healed and people restored to know His love so they can show His love.

But back to the school – here are some of the testimonies of peoples encounters with God as they told them. Let the Lord minister to you as you read them. These testimonies are from the students sharing in the feedback times.

  • In the throne room, I was asking God for his heart and to change mine to be more like his. He told me that more time seated on his knee in the throne room hearing his heart would change mine.
  • As I walked up the stairs to the throne room I walked past the great cloud of witnesses, so many of whom I knew – those who had prayed me into the kingdom and influenced me. In a time of anticipation about seeing ’God’ I kept walking as I continued to recognize the many faces, only to get to the throne to run up to God calling “Daddy, Daddy it’s you.”
  • I’ve been asking God to change my mindsets lately and I saw Jesus standing in front of me and he made a fist and hit me hard in the gut and reached right up inside me and pulled his hand out and in it were little black things that were in his hand and they trickled through the hole in his hand onto the floor and I asked what they were and he said they were human paradigms and that he was activating the divine in me.
  • I asked God if there was going to be hunting in heaven and he said “no this is what it will be like” and I found myself having a play tussle with a huge lion and he said “that’s what the relationship between you and the animals will be like in heaven” then I saw a toucan like bird and it’s beak was like made of sapphire. I had often said I would like to help look after the animals in heaven.
  • I saw a chariot and stepped into it and God took me to France and Vienna and I had always thought they were tourist places but God showed me this vision was about missions and I saw places with children in cells and God said that was child slavery and I saw two kids really strongly and God said I want you to adopt them. (whether this is literal as in personally adopt or symbolic in some way is yet to be established)
  • I saw a bright light coming toward me and thought it was an angel then I saw it was a dove and it landed on my finger and the Lord reminded me of Noah and the dove showing the land was ready and God showed me that the nations are ready to meet the creator in his fullness and I said God what do you want me to bring back and He said boldness (and then the young man prayed for us all and released that boldness to us).
  • I have had a continuous experience from the beginning of tonight. It started in the worship time and continued on into the activations- I started off laying before the throne of God declaring his majesty and worshipping and God said “I’m giving you the weight I have of the nations, you’re not going to feel it now but you’re definitely going to feel it later on”. I thought I don’t know if I want that and then I thought okay God, give it to me. Then Lyn came along and touched my chest and then moved on and after she left I felt this huge hand settle on my chest and it was the Holy Spirit and he said “I’ve got you”. Then a little later I was standing before the throne again, at attention and God said “I’m commissioning you for something” and I thought oh heck. He said “turn to your left” and I turned and I was in Thailand in the walking street and I saw this crippled guy, his head was mashed and his ear and his legs were stunted and withered. God said “keep looking at him” and then God said “reach out your hand and pray for him” – I prayed for him and God healed him; a creative miracle. I was shocked and a crowd came and God said “I’m going to bring crowds to you” and then God said “turn to your right” and I didn’t want to because I felt something dark and heavy – I turned and there was all these people holding out broken hearts. I turned away and saw the Holy Spirit and his eyes were filled with tears and he said “I’m going to use you to mend the broken hearts” and I thought that’s to much for me and God said “I told you, I’m going to bring the weight I carry to you”. I said “I don’t want it” and he said “look behind you” and I looked and there was Jesus and two whirlwinds and his heart was pushing me to go and then the Holy spirit showed me his hand on my chest and said “you are not the one bearing my burden it’s me”. It seemed like he was showing me a whole pile of impossible things to do and then he showed me heaps of angels and said “they’re going with you and before you preparing the way”. 
  • Another man told us later his encounter – He found himself in an experience where he was in a place and aware of a river off to one side but he was walking on a path and stooping to drink from muddy, putrid puddles that had maggots and other horrible growth around and in them. All the while the river was running alongside but he kept drinking from the dirty puddles. Then suddenly he was in the river and going under the water. The water was pure and living and filled him with life and he remembers swallowing some of it then found himself on the side of the river vomiting out all the putrid waters he had drunk with two angels ministering to him as he got rid of the rubbish he had swallowed while on the path. Then they put him back in the river and this time the river was like liquid fire that burned with an intense blue flame (like when Methylated spirits burns) and he saw as he lifted his hand out of the water that he burned but was not consumed. This man had a deliverance in the heavenly places as God cleansed him and ministered to him, bringing him back into the place of being cleansed, filled with living water and set on fire with the power of God. How cool is God. 

Well those are just some of the testimonies from this last weekend. God did way more than that but space is limited here to tell it all. God is on the move, New Zealand, preparing us, cleansing us and making us know His love so we can show His love; to know His power so we can walk in and release His power. Revelatory encounters are growing and people are being transformed by their encounters with God.

Keep pressing in for more release of the revelatory in your life and remember – YOUR ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD WILL CHANGE YOU- they will cause you to fall more in love with Him, more in love with His Word and more in love with people. You cannot have a genuine encounter with God and come away unchanged (unless you harden your heart toward him). God wants the world to encounter Him but to do that we, the church, must first encounter Him and know Him for who he really is – the God who is love and who is good, who loves to set people free and bring them into wholeness and fullness of relationship with Him.