The last few days we have been in Invercargill which is the last city at the Southern most end of the earth from Jerusalem. (Apparently not the southern most city nearest Antarctica though – that is Ushuaia in Sth America so I’ve just been told). We’ve had a great time down here in the South Island and in the next report I’ll update you on what happened at the Te Anau Glory School – it was an absolutely amazing time.

But this report  a photographic one which includes some photos of our trip today to the bottom most point of the South  Island IMG_4488– Bluff – home of a few world famous things but probably the two best known are the Bluff signpost and Bluff Oysters. We had our photo taken at the sign and then headed up to the cafe where we sat drinking Roasted Addiqtion coffee looking out at wild seas. 

They are hardy people down here and not too fussed by the whole fashion and image thing. It has been freezing cold down here and yet we’ve seen people wandering around with bare feet not at all perturbed by the cold. As you’ll see in this photo we pulled up to the service station to fill up the truck and there was someone in their pyjamas filling their car.

IMG_4461a We saw further evidence of their hardiness as a  people as we watched a local fishing boat braving the waves at the Bluff harbour entrance as it set off out to sea to do some work. I’ve never been a huge fan of the way boats move and usually end up feeling sick just walking up the gangplank thingy so how these guys do what they do amazes me. I think they have either got to be foolhardy or brave – probably both in great amounts I think! Here are a series of photos we took as the boat went through the harbour entrance

IMG_4496  IMG_4498  IMG_4499  IMG_4500 IMG_4501 

But for me the highlight of our time here (apart from the ministry stuff) has been the fulfillment of a lifetime dream – to ride on a Harley!!! The Pastor of the church we are ministering at here owns one and took me out for a ride the other day – if you are a bike fan you’ll understand without words but if you’re not then let me describe it – wind rushing against your face, the sound of a powerful engine filling your ears and the fun of only two wheels, 1400+cc’s of engine and a bit of metal hurtling you forward at 100kms an hour (approx) – I couldn’t see the speedometer and didn’t want to. I just sat back and enjoyed it, laughing at the goodness of Daddy God and Danny, the guy riding the bike. Rob was alongside us on another bike as together we raced a storm front to see who would get home first. We both arrived at the same time – us and the storm and the first drops of big fat rain fell as we pulled up outside Danny’s house. What a ride – something I won’t forget in a hurry I tell you! Here are the photos taken of us on the bikes with Danny – okay they aren’t actually moving when we took the photos and I didn’t actually get to drive the Harley myself (sometimes being so short is a real bummer) but I don’t care  – it’ll happen one day 

IMG_4458  IMG_4464a