You know, you cannot have  a genuine encounter with God without it changing you in some way. I have found that genuine ‘God encounters’ will cause you to love God more, reverence His Word more and feel more of His heart for people.  

We had an amazing time at the Glory School here in Auckland this past weekend and by the end of the weekend people could say that the above had definitely happened to them – they had encounters with God that changed them and will shape their lives from this weekend on. 

People came from all over the North Island to attend it. They came from Kaitaia, Warkworth, Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Te Puke, Taranaki and other places. They came with expectation and hunger and God did not disappoint them. By the end of the weekend they had encountered God in deeper ways than ever before and fallen even more in love with Him.

People had face-to-face encounters with Jesus, experiences in the third heaven and throne room, many saw and felt angels and about half the people in the room heard the angels singing in the worship on Sat night. What a glorious sound it was that filled the room – at first I thought it was Rob doing something on his keyboard but the volume was too great and the pitch way above what he was playing (I checked – that’s part of my job as host at the school).

As well as that we had at least three definite miracles of healing happen on the Saturday night during the worship. People testified to God completely removing pain from their bodies that had been there for months in some cases. As a result of God touching them all pain went and they were able to do movements they could not do before that meeting. 

Here are some of the testimonies from the school

  • The Father was playing with me throwing me in the air and saying “Trust me, trust me, I’ll always catch you.” Then we played ball and He was throwing it to me and I couldn’t catch it so He lifted me up and said “You’ll always catch it when I lift you.”
  • I was in the Father’s lap and it was white and soft like a feather bed and I was curled up in it totally safe. He said I was a warrior and that in the midst of battle to remember that that’s where I really was – safe in Him.
  • My dad was always busy when I was a child. I saw a vision of myself and in it I was on the back of a toy plane/eagle and the Father was playing with me spending time with me, taking time to be with me. The later, sitting on a park bench where we had been playing I saw a little chubby girl unattractive and realized that’s how I saw myself then saw her change into a beautiful woman and felt God say He saw me as mature and wise and put a graduation cap on me.
  • I walked with Jesus going past troops all standing to attention and I asked “Who are they?”  He said they’re angelic troops and trained to combat doubt, unbelief and hardness of heart – to break those strongholds. You can call on them when you need them.
  • I felt a hand hold mine and lead me and then I was suddenly in a meadow and Jesus walked toward me, like Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, and we walked together then lay and looked at clouds together…I asked if I could rest my head on His chest and He said “Yes”, and I said that I wanted to stay here forever; He said that I could and I felt His love and asked for it to seep into my heart. Then He said “Take my love back to earth with you. Be my hands and my feet.”
  • I found myself in a forest walking deeper into it. It was dark and the trees were tall and thick and in the middle of it I found a waterfall so clean and pure, and I knew that the water was alive, but it was in the dark forest.  I said “Lord, I can’t see the light. It’s so dark in here.” Then I was flying over the treetops over the land – I knew it was NZ – but the water was hidden in the forest, not flowing out into the land. The land was thirsty but the water wasn’t flowing. Then God took me into the throne room and the water was flowing from the throne, the river of God – pure, clean, alive and living, and the water was the same as what I saw on earth and He said “Take the living water back to earth with you.”

This last encounter is of particular prophetic importance and is, I feel, a word for the Church of NZ. The land is NZ and the forest, I believe, represents the Church – full of individual strong and tall trees but the living water is sheltered and hidden deep inside the forest (Church & individuals) and doesn’t flow out to the thirsty land. God wants us to go to a place of encounter with Him and from there to take the living water and let it flow from us into this nation and quench it’s thirst, bringing it back to life.