This last weekend I did a dance seminar for a local church. God moved in wonderful ways, setting many of those there free to worship with a new degree of freedom and abandonment. One lady told me she had a desire to dance that went back many years to when she was a child but hadn’t been allowed to have dance lessons. On Saturday her desire was fulfilled as she danced before the Lord, twirling and bowing and dancing with her face lit up with the light of that freedom.

Another lady who had never done more than bounce up and down a bit during worship stepped out into radical freedom as she danced and ran and skipped in freedom before the Lord with the joy of a child. She also came to the Xtravagant Worship Night on Saturday night and danced with great freedom during that time. Many others also stepped out with greater freedom and did things they had not done before or with a greater freedom than before. Some were set free from bondages and some received prophetic words of encouragement from God to step into more anointing in that area of expression.

child-warrior1There is a new release of freedom coming to the Church in the days ahead. Freedom in so many areas but I believe there will be a revival of the freedom to dance like never before, and as we do we will be surprised by what God will do. Over the years I have seen God set so many people free – heal people physically and emotionally, answer prayers, bind demonic powers and break bondages – all as I’ve danced. He not only wants to do that in us all but through us all. (Don’t you just love this photo – I found it somewhere on the internet a while ago. This kid knows her authority and is using it as she dances – every part of her is expressing it from her face to her little pointing fingers.)

We will see many things restored in worship in the days ahead and dance will be one of those things. It is part of our inheritance and an expected part of our worship by God (Ps149, 150). Many of us say “But that’s just not my personality” or “That’s not my gift” but it has nothing to do with personality or gift. It has everything to do, though, with being able to be free to respond to God and worship Him with all our spirit, soul and body – all our heart and mind and strength.

This is a great quote by John Paul Jackson on worship – “To touch true worship, we must enter into the realm of the supernatural; we must enter into the realm of God. To do this, we must give ourselves the freedom then, to experiment, because if you don’t have the freedom to experiment, you are ruled by something other than your spirit . . . But this is exactly what David did when he danced with all his might on the road from Obed-Edom. He gave himself the freedom to experiment, and this allowed him to dance like he had never danced before!”

 Let’s dance before the Lord in worship, dance for Him as a child does for their Daddy, dance with Him as a bride does with her bridegroom and dance for and with Him in service, as our dance echoes His dance in heaven (Zeph3:17) that sets people free, delights over them and heals them. The word rejoice in this verse (Zeph3:17) means – to spin with almost uncontrollable emotion(joy),to dance, over you. Wow, God dances over you with intensely felt and expressed joy.

Our worship of Him needs to be not just felt in our hearts but expressed with our bodies with freedom too. Let the words of this old hymn encourage you to step out in freedom –

dance-clothes3“Dance then wherever you may be,

I am the Lord of the dance said He,

And I’ll lead you all wherever you may be,

I’ll lead you all in the dance” said He.

Maybe they knew something then that we’ve forgotten – “For freedom Christ has set us free…” Gal 5:1

How free are you to respond to Him in your worship? Freedom from your expectations, freedom from others expectations, freedom from your personality type, freedom from rules that bind; freedom is yours to step into. Take the first step  and then the next… and begin to dance your way into freedom.

Resources on Dance –

free2dance1Free to Dance
by Lyn Packer

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This book is a teaching manual on the use of dance for personal and Church worship settings. It contains teaching on the scriptural basis for its use as well as the different types of dance expressions we can see used in Church worship life. Dance – it’s more than just movement, more than technique – it’s a whole being expression of that which fills our hearts. God’s desire is that all his children be free to worship Him with all they are – body, soul and spirit. In this book you’ll discover how you can become “Free to Dance”. You’ll learn how God dances over you with delight and you’ll be set free as you experience the release dance will bring into your worship life. Learn how to use dance and movement privately and corporately to bring shifts and changes in atmospheres around your life plus much more.

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