During our time in Perth at the YWAM School of Worship, I taught on childlikeness and how God wants us to approach Him as children. At the end of that session I got the students to draw a picture of the things that stopped them being childlike and to write a letter to the Father that started – Daddy I drew a picture for You today…. I then asked them to share what they had done with their one-on-one mentor later.

img_1421a1(You could do this yourself – allow yourself plenty of time and draw a picture of where you see your relationship with the Father is at the moment,  include in it some of the things that hold you back and then tell your heavenly Father about the picture just as a child tells their Daddy or Mum about the picture they drew and then let Him minister to you.)

As we went into the next session after our break I really felt God hadn’t finished yet, that He wanted to continue to minister on childlikeness. So I put my adult brained notes aside. I felt to just play a game with the students so I got them in a circle and we played “Ring a Rosy” a child’s game with no spiritual content and to be honest my mind was disagreeing with my spirit on this one. But as we skipped in a circle and fell down the Spirit of God fell on us, some of us started to laugh – me particularly, and as we laughed God started to minister to the hurts and rejections and brokenness in students lives. He ended up breaking roots of rejection, abandonment, and dealing with freedom and Father heart issues. Daddy came and set many of them free and spoke prophetic destiny words and words of encouragement to every single one.

Wow how good is our Father in heaven. 

I have just finished listening to Julie Meyer ministering to the Extreme Prophetic staff in Arizona and she sang over the team this song.

“You are so beautiful to meimg_2119a

You are so beautiful to me

You’re everything I ever hoped for

Everything I dreamed

You are so beautiful to me”

Today know that you are beautiful to your Daddy in heaven. He loves when you come with childlike faith and trust. He loves your sometimes clumsy attempts to take steps of faith and He cheers you on, saying -“Go for it darling, I know you can do it, trust me, have faith in my abilities and step out in childlike faith into all I have for you. I will meet you there in that place of faith and I will sing over you your destiny in a way that will strengthen and encourage you. I will meet your every need there in that place of childlike trust. I love you – you are so beautiful to me.”

Have a blessed day. Much love to you from me and Daddy.