“New Zealand – we are called to be children of the cloud – the cloud of God’s glory and presence. It is no mistake that we are called the land of the Long White Cloud. It’s ours to walk in as a nation. It’s ours to know the intimate presence of God in and from there to minister out into a hurting world. We are a land and a people called to be reformationists. It’s our DNA, it’s who we are. We are a nation of forerunners, of firsts, it’s always been a natural part of who we are but its also a part of our spiritual inheritance; to be a lead nation, a trigger nation that causes others to come into their inheritance. Now is the time to rise up and walk in it, now is the time to press into the glory cloud of God’s presence and from there to minister out to the nations again. Now is the time to see this nation turned to God. Rise up, begin to walk into it.”

 Jason Westerfield brought a powerful word to NZ that reflected the above word this weekend at the “Two Days with Kingdom Reality conference” that was held here in Auckland. He deposited and released a national call and destiny over us as a people and a nation that resonated with truth to all who were there. It was a wonderful mix of a time as only God can do – at points a sober time yet there were also times of total freedom in God’s presence as we worshipped, saw people get healed and listened with open hearts for the word of the Lord to us as a nation. 

There were wonderful times in the glory realm where the presence of God hovered over us so strongly and people lay prostrated before God or soaked in his presence. There were times of celebration and dancing and there were times of sober reflection as we allowed the Spirit of God to search our hearts so we would come with ‘clean hands and a pure heart’ before Him.  Jasons revelatory apostolic teaching stretched us and caused us to see some things with new eyes as well as confirming and strengthening our understanding of the Word in many areas.

We are in for exciting days ahead as God raises up a nation of hungry people who will seek Him with their whole hearts, laying down their desires and dreams to allow Him to fill their hearts with His. We can expect to see God do signs and wonders and miracles through our lives as we step out in faith and obedience. New Zealand is called to be a forerunner nation and it’s time to begin to step into it. But it must come from that place of  being soaked and filled with the Spirit of God, from that place of encounter with God that changes us and transforms us into who we are,  the children of God crowned with glory and honour; wielding the sword of the Spirit and the power of God to set people free, see them healed, restored and moving in the power of God themselves. 

The following are some of the photos from the conference of Jason speaking and people worshipping and praying for healing for some of the attendees.