I was reading an article by a friend of ours – Rob Hotchkin on Pattaya, Thailand and as I read it, it spoke to me so clearly about our nation but also on a personal level about the things we have believed for that we have not yet seen come to pass. It got me thinking about what situations I had let go of and no longer actively pursued God on because I hadn’t over time seen the results of my prayers being answered yet. Hmmm! Selah!

Maybe one of the things we each need to look at is our state of belief / unbelief that God can move in situations that smell of death and decay. Maybe the first revival we need is in essence a revival of belief! As you read this let Robs words encourage you, strengthen you to stand in faith and persevere in prayer. 

“Many are crying out for revival in this hour. “Revival” is simply a way of saying, “We long to see death defeated in all its manifestations and the abundant life that Christ died to give us be made tangible everywhere we go.”

I have read the story of Lazarus in John 11 many times over the years; it is a favorite. But what God highlighted this time was when Jesus stood before the tomb, about to work the amazing miracle of bringing Lazarus forth from the dead, Martha’s only thought is that the smell will be horrible because Lazarus has been dead for so long (four days) and the rotting flesh will stink something awful.

Martha and so many others there around the tomb were focused on how things are and how long they have been that way. They are thinking of the flesh and the ways of the flesh and the stink of the flesh. They are afraid that even the Lord Himself can be of no real impact in a situation this far gone. They are leaning on their own understanding (to them four days dead means really stinking, hopelessly dead!), and they see the situation with Lazarus as a lost cause. Their only real thoughts of the Lord are wondering why He did not prevent this from happening in the first place (John 11:21- 11:32).

But Jesus stands before the tomb, eyes on the Father, knowing ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Jesus even allowed Lazarus to pass away (John 11:14-15) so that the people could be stretched to new levels of faith and hope in the Lord, greater understanding of God’s love and power, and a revelation that TRULY—all things are possible when we believe.

Martha and the mourners see a lost cause where God has seemingly failed to move. Jesus sees a way for God to be mightily glorified. He declares to everyone, “Did I not tell you that you would see the glory of God if you believe?” And then He speaks and Lazarus comes forth—ALIVE—without even a whiff of the stink of death on him! The Lord then instructs those who had been there to remove every shred and remnant of the grave clothes from Lazarus (John 11:44).

In this revelation, I believe that the Lord is reminding those of us who are believing for transforming works in places like Pattaya, Thailand, that we WILL see the glory of God if we believe—No Matter What! There are those who would say Pattaya is too far gone, too dark, too given over to perversion, too stinking with “the rot of the flesh.” But it matters not how dark things are, or how stinking and filthy. Nor does it matter how long they have been that way. All that matters is whether or not—we believe!”

What a faith builder that message is from Rob. Lets believe for God to move in our personal situations and nation.

God, we repent of our unbelief regarding the things you have told us and we turn to you again and decree – We believe! We believe in you all things are possible, we believe a nation can be turned in a day. We believe that our nation and our situations are not too far gone for you and we decree LIFE, LIFE, LIFE into every dead place. We decree the turning of situations for the glory of God. We decree that the dunamis power of Almighty God be released into the situations we have been praying for  and we stand in faith awaiting the results. We praise you in advance for your answers to our prayers and we celebrate your goodness and your grace.