Its been an exciting couple of weeks with wonderful reports of Gods working coming in from around the nation. On Sunday we were attending a friends church where they reported that over that last three weeks they’ve seen over 50 first time salvations and rededications to Christ. Tumours have disappeared and many other healings have happened as well as ordinary people have prayed believing an extraordinary God to work on their behalf. Another friend in Te Anau reports they are seeing healings on the streets and people being saved. And these are only two of the places that things are happening.

We also attended a conference a week ago called Revival Fire NZ which was an amazing conference – one of the most powerful I’ve attended for a while and it certainly set some things in place in the spirit realm as far as hunger for and release of revival over the nation. The speakers were all NZ’ers which was in itself a great thing to see. It is time we recognized the gifts in our nation and released people to be who God has called them to be. While it’s been a good thing to have lots of overseas speakers come and impart things to our nation we have erred in that we have gone too far to the side of shutting down and dishonouring those in our own nation that carry the fire , passion and power of God.  How many major national conferences can you recall over the last ten years that have seen any NZ’er apart from the conference host speak (if even them). It is time to honour the fathers and mothers in our nation and release them to speak again into the lives of the Church nationally.

We got to go out on the streets the other night with a team and while we didn’t see any salvation’s we got to share with a couple of people and pray for one girl. Was that disappointing? It could have been if we didn’t have a bigger picture in mind. Every time we go in obedience and faith we break down barriers in the spirit over the nation. Like a battering ram we keep up the pressure and the enemy must give way. All it takes is one encounter with the Living God for someone and that night might just be their encounter night. Keep going out there. Keep praying and breaking down the resistance in the spirit over your towns and cities. It is not in vain, revival is breaking open in places throughout the nation and you get to be a part of that breaking open. The next person you approach might just have been hoping someone would tell them and show them the real God.