This weekend’s School of Prophetic Worship held in Franklin was a time of breakthrough into new freedom of expression and revelation for many there. The teaching was revelatory for those who attended and brought them into new places of understanding both experientially and conceptually. Many of those there took great steps into freedom of expression in the spontaneous song realm and some received visions for the first time. Right from the first worship time God began to release prophetic revelation in song and vision form and that was to set the tone for the weekend.

The devil certainly didn’t want us to breakthrough and the warfare was intense at times but to me that just means there’s a new testimony of God’s greatness and power to step into and we did. By the end of the weekend we had an awesome display of God’s manifest power there as people lay ‘slain in the Spirit’ and some were healed by the power of God as we worshipped.

One lady came up from Hamilton to attend and we even had a couple attend from Australia who were over for two weeks for a family visit, heard about the school and felt they had to attend. Right from the first session God began to minister to them and they go back to their homes now re-fired and strengthened in their calling as prophetic ministers in worship.

The church there (Franklin Elim) is an amazing group of disciples who have seen some amazing signs and wonders in their midst and long for and are pressing in to see an even greater release of God’s glory and power in that region. Coming up on Queens Birthday region they are joining with some young men (who have recently been attending Bill Johnson’s School of Supernatural Ministry in California) for a weekend of outreach, treasure hunts and Glory in Waiuku-Pukekohe. It will be an amazing time I’m sure. Check it out if you are free. Ring 09 235 2234 for information.