Xtravagant love for an extravagant God – how else can we love him when we truly see how He loves us. Sat night at the Xtravagant Worship night we saw the love of God that jealously loves us and longs for our love. During the evening a vision came where the Lion of Judah paced the altar area during the meeting – as I waited on God for the interpretation to what I saw I felt the Lord say that it was a manifestation of the jealous love of the Lord and that he was watching over it and guarding our love jealously. At the same time I saw the eye of God filled with such love being poured out as He looked at us. They say the eyes are the window to the soul and we saw into the heart of God for us on Saturday night and there was a baptism of love for many there.

Later in the night we got to move into some of that jealous guarding over as the Lord led us into decree over our circumstances especially our family and relationship circumstances. It was a night of contending to see that love released and received but we felt that there was a breaking through not only on our own behalf but those we love as well.

We are seeing God drawing more and more people to the Xtravagant Worship Nights as they find out that they can met God there with no limitations to time or responsiveness. It is exciting to see them growing and more people coming into a place of freedom and prophetic responsiveness in the meetings. We are seeing prophetic drawings come in each meeting, people see visions and get healed and yet we continue to cry out …more God, reveal yourself to us, we long to know you more; because thats what its all about, going into a place of deeper relationship with the Lord and reaching out to others from what we receive there.