Brrr, the weather in Timaru was definitely colder than Auckland and it was easy to spot the Aucklanders wearing summer clothes in the rain; but the hearts of the people in the churches we ministered in were hot and hungry. We’ve had a great week with two churches in Timaru – The Awakening Church (formerly Celebration Centre) and Gleniti Baptist. With both churches we worked with their musicians as well as me doing a Dance workshop and Arts workshop for Gleniti. 

The first half of the week was with The Awakening Church. It was a pleasure to be with them again and further build our friendship with the people we had met last time we were there. The muso’s had a great time with Rob stretching in the area of free praise and prophetic expression and we had an awesome meeting with the whole church on the Thurs night. God’s presence was very heavy and it was a great time of healing and prophetic impartation to the church.

Our time with Gleniti Baptist was our first visit to them and again we felt very much at home with them. Rob had a great time working with the muso’s and I had a good time also in my two workshops with people taking giant steps into freedom in expression in dance and stepping out in the prophetic realm doing prophetic art pieces. Sun night was a wonderful time of worship with Rob teaching on free praise and spontaneous songs with many stepping into that area for the first time and others finding a new freedom in it.  It was a great weekend and God did some wonderful things that will have ongoing fruit in peoples lives.