I love it when God radically interrupts our ordinary existence. This weekend’s Glory School was a weekend of radical God encounters that has had a huge impact on the lives of those who attended it. But then you can’t really experience God without it having a huge impact and changing your world. 

The presence of God came strongly right from the moment we started to worship on the Thurs night. The worship times were times of intense outpouring of God’s presence and power.  In fact one man got spontaneously healed as he worshipped the first night. Go God!!! People started to see visions and have God experiences during that night which intensified and grew as the weekend progressed.

In the Friday night worship the fire of God fell and people fell to the floor under it then the joy of the Lord filled the place and Holy Ghost laughter erupted that continued on and off all night.

Sat night’s worship went through the roof as Rob prophesied in song about the season changing and a changing of the guard in our nation. We felt there was a time of commissioning to be carriers of the glory into the community. Again the power of God hit people and they fell to the floor as his anointing and commissioning came upon them. Mahurangi means “Open sky or heaven” and it was. God gave me a prophetic word about the open heaven and gateway of release of the glory and power of God into Northland and I saw angels being despatched as fire through the open portal running into the far north of New Zealand through the gateway in the Mahurangi region. Our intercessors had strongly felt the word ‘gateway’ when we were praying for the weekend – they felt it related to it being a gateway for revival power being released this weekend and interestingly ‘Gateway’ was also the name of the Church who hosted the Glory School. Hmmm, no coincidences when God speaks.

Another two people got healed on the Friday night. Yaaay!!!

In the activations – One woman experienced Jesus betrothing himself to her in a ceremony where He fed her wine from a glass He held in His hand then spoke words of love to her.

A man saw Jesus and talked with Him. All the time Jesus was holding a bunch of flowers and when he asked Jesus what they were for he felt Jesus say they were for his wife – the man didn’t know but his wife had said earlier to Jesus that she would love Him to show her His love for her that night and He did…

Many people experienced the love of the Father, having experiences with Him that confirmed His Father’s heart to them. One woman saw herself held in Daddy’s arms then tossed in the air with joy and fun and then felt the Father just hold her close to Him in safety and security.

A man saw God take him to the top of a mountain and he looked out where it overlooked a bird sanctuary and the sea and felt God speak to him about the vision being a prophetic picture of Him wanting to bring food into the sanctuary.

One of the other men who attended was taken to a garden where he saw a tree laden with fruit, he asked Jesus what the tree was and was told it was the tree of life – he was invited to eat from it and when he did so his whole body became infused with light – it filled him until it poured through every pore of his skin filling every part of him with the glorious light and life of God.

Many people saw, felt or sensed angels. One man saw a huge angel (Melanesian in looks) holding a staff with a carved pennant on the top. The angel took off over the sea and then putting his staff in the water carved a pathway through the seas for the man to follow – interestingly the man has just started a boat-based ministry.

These are only some of the things people experienced and God wants you to experience Him to this same degree and depth of revelation too. He is opening up the revelatory realms like has not been seen in many years. Why? It’s all about intimacy and relationship – He longs to reveal Himself to us, to have us know Him. How mind blowing – that the God of the universe loves us and wants relationship with us.

We have experienced so much of His awesome love and the wonder of who He is this weekend. Amazing!