Saturday night was our first Xtravagant Worship Night for 2009 and ‘poured out lavishly’ describes what happened – we poured out our love extravagantly to God and He poured out His on us. Wave after wave of the presence of God came throughout the evening as we worshipped. At times the presence of God was overwhelming in intensity. So much happened that we can’t recall all of it, as the things He did were so numerous.

There was the fire of God being poured out and people saying their hands felt like they were on fire after we prayed for them. At one point early on in the evening I saw angels with wooden bowls full of honey and honey dippers in their hands touching peoples lips with the honey so I prophesied – taste and see that the Lord is good and Deb sang about opening wide our mouths to taste. One of the attendees later shared with me that just before I prophesied and Deb sang she saw a vision of herself with her head tipped back, mouth open and God cramming things into her mouth.

Jenny played her flute prophetically and as she did I saw a huge angel standing behind her playing the same tune as she played on a heavenly flute. As she played waves of the power of God physically hit people and they staggered under them – she played heaven’s song and heaven came down – she played at a level beyond her normal capacity and said she had never played like that before – she was amazed at what happened. The revelatory realms opened and people saw visions and had encounters with God.

At one point Rob sang about the Holy Spirit wanting to breathe new life into the dreams that had died, and Andrew picked up on it and invited people to the front to be ministered to in that area – many were touched deeply by God with Him healing their disappointment and speaking encouragement to them.

A lady got healed as we prayed for her – we weren’t even praying for healing for her – we were praying God’s blessing and impartation over them as she and her husband prepared to leave NZ and go back to India (they had been here for a few months visiting family and God has re-fired and refreshed them during their time here). 

God is so mind-blowingly awesome in His person and character and we have just tasted a little of who He is. If our minds are blown by this much of Him what will it be like when He really pours Himself out in our land. I can’t wait to find out, but in the meantime I’ll keep giving Him extravagant abandoned worship because He is worthy of it.