We have just finished a Glory School that was a most remarkable weekend of revelatory encounters with Jesus, the Father and Holy Spirit for those who attended. We spend a lot of time in the Word over the weekend building scripturally the understanding of what the Bible says is legally ours to access in the heavenly realms, so the school is very Word based as well as experience based. Then we teach people how they can access the revelatory reams and ascend into the heavenlies to encounter God and His kingdom. And they do…

Some people had visions for the first time and some were encouraged because they found out that what they have been seeing was not them making things up but was in fact God revealing things to them. Here are some of the testimonies from this weekend.

Two ladies shared with me that they had encounters with Jesus as the bridegroom over the course of the weekend. In both encounters Jesus declared his love for them and his commitment in vows. Many people had face to face encounters with Jesus this weekend, some experienced the throne room and one lady even danced with Jesus on the crystal sea before the throne.

A couple of people were transported in the spirit to other nations and cities, to decree things over those places, one was transported to another nation to minister again to someone she had been to minister to at a previous time.

During one of the activations everyone felt the presence of angels and some saw them. One man saw, in heaven, his parents and other family members who had died. He didn’t interact with them but heard his parents say – “We have never been so alive” and his father say “I’m free, I’m free”. It was such an encouragement to him to see them experiencing a freedom they had never experienced on earth because here, their religious beliefs would not let them be free. 

Saturday night the worship went ‘through the roof’ and we were blasted by God. It was one of the most powerful worship times I have been in. We began to worship and the presence of God could be felt almost immediately. Rob sang powerfully prophetically – he started singing about the greatness of God then I spoke encouraging people to expect God to manifest his greatness to them which he began to do in tangible ways. We sang the song ‘Ancient of Days’ and Rob began to sing about the things God had done historically including in the upper room. We felt to release that fresh fire of the Holy Spirit over people which I did as Rob continued to minister musically – the Holy Spirit descended in power on people and God blasted them with his fire, many physically feeling it burning inside them. For one, that burning was still happening at the end of the meeting. Many of them were laid out on the floor under the power of God as they experienced the Holy Spirit coming upon them in fire and fresh infilling.

It was a great weekend but the really great thing is that this weekend has given those who attended the understanding and ability to carry on having revelatory encounters with God as part of their worship lifestyle. And that is what it’s all about.. ever increasing revelation of the wonder of our God, his awesome power and his love both for us and those we daily come in contact with. The Glory School is never just about us experiencing God but our experiences of him increasing our awareness of who He is and His love for the world and that knowledge of his love motivating and moving us to share it with others.