I love it when God turns up and changes lives – it’s such a privelege to be a part of it too. We have just finished an amazing weekend teaching a school of Prophetic Worship here in Auckland. It was hosted by Vision Life Centre and attended by people from several different churches. 

Right from the beginning God showed up and in the first few minutes of worship He released a vision which showed His heart for the weekend. As we started to worship I saw the Lord extend his hand and in it He was holding a large diamond which looked beautiful but upon coming closer to view it I saw that trapped inside the diamond there was a small sparrow like bird. I heard the Lord say “Beautiful isn’t it? But a cage is a cage no matter how beautiful”. Then in the vision I saw the Lord close his hand and apply pressure to the diamond until it broke open and a bird emerged – and when that happened the small sparrow was transformed into a beautiful white, dove like, bird that flew free. 

On pondering it I felt the diamond was our worship, it looked beautiful but many of us were still trapped and didn’t know real freedom in our worship, even though it was something that gave us pleasure and looked beautiful. I felt that the Lord was going to apply pressure to us this weekend (in a good way of course – to our mindsets that trap us) and so break open the cages and set us free. I felt the sparrow like bird represented us in our present state but when set free our spirit was enlarged (size difference between two birds)and transformed; we became the bride without spot or blemish filled with the Holy Spirit – represented by the white bird. And this is what happened for many people.

I also felt there was another meaning to the vision – that we had encased the Holy Spirit in our beautiful worship and  that He wasn’t as free as He wanted to be in it and in doing so we saw Him through a distorted lens (hence the small sparrow like bird). I felt that this weekend He wanted out of our cage and that when that cage was broken open and we let Him out we would see Him as He truly is.

By the end of the weekend people were worshipping with new freedom, experiencing things they had never before experienced in God – stepping out in the prophetic (many for the first time ever) and some saw visions and had encounters with Jesus and the Father. Over the weekend there was a real sense of being called to a new holiness and consecration as well.

The worship on Saturday night went through the roof – all restraints were off and God turned up in a powerful prophetic breakthrough anointing. He led us on an amazing prophetic journey that ended in a time of decree and third heaven intercession for our nation that was powerful. He also led us to pray and decree over children who were away from the Lord calling them home to him. Two women confirmed this later saying just before we led into that they saw visions of backslidden children coming home to the Lord. 

It was a powerful weekend where God set many people free and also I feel that the weekend again called the church in NZ into a place of freedom in worship that we have not known for many years. 

A prophetic encouragement

It’s time for the church to turn away from ‘preference worship’ to ‘presence worship’, from earth bound soulish worship to worshipping in spirit and truth – to worship from our place of being seated in heavenly places. We are being called into a new realm of worship in the church – what I call “Ascended worship’ where we come into the understanding of what it means to worship from that place of ascendedness – from our heavenly position. Oh how exciting, how full of revelation and freedom it is to worship in spirit and truth from a throne room perspective. What authority is released into the earth from that position. We are taking baby steps into this realm but we are taking steps and worship will become even more glorious and full of God’s presence and power as we do. Hunger for it, cry out for it, press in for it – it’s all a part of your inheritance.