Hi there

I just wanted to let you know about a new blog-site that is run by a good friend of ours – Erin Bradley. The site is ‘Dreams & Visions – parables in the night’. You can access it from the link on our sidebar. Tell everyone you know about it – especially your non-churched friends. 

Erin’s aim for the site is to reach out to the non-churched, and those who are hungry for spiritual encounters, and from there to introduce them to the real God of dreams & visions.  We live in an age where we are more spiritually aware than we have been for centuries. People are hungry for spiritual reality and are looking anywhere they can to find it. Anywhere, that is, except the one place that should be leading the way in the spiritual arena – the church. Dream interpretation is a great way to introduce them to the real deal – after all, most people would love to find out if their dreams have a meaning.

Erin and her husband, Andrew, have been involved in dream interpretation and prophetic ministry for the last ten years or so. They minister as cutting edge prophetic ministers in New Age fairs and community gatherings. Erin was recently invited to do an evening of dream interpretation ‘live’ on Newstalk ZB where they were swamped with calls from people hungry to know the meaning of their dreams.

We got the chance a while ago to minister with them and some others at a community fair doing dream interpretation, spiritual readings(prophetic destiny words) and healing prayer. It was an awesome day and many people were ministered to, often queuing for their turn to get their dreams interpreted or to get a ‘word’.

Andrew and Erin also minister with us in our monthly Xtravagant Worship nights as part of the Worship team.