God and I went to the supermarket the other day, although to be honest, at first I didn’t realise He had until I ran smack bang into a God ‘set-up’ a divine appointment. 

I went away for a couple of days to spend some time aside with God and went to the local supermarket to get a couple of things on my way there. At the supermarket I ran into someone that I hadn’t seen for a few years and we got chatting. She started to share how hungry she was and how none of the churches in the area seemed to be where she was (hunger wise). So I spent a few minutes encouraging her and sharing what God is doing in the nation and she started to get excited. She kept saying it was such a ‘God thing’ that she had met me that day because she was so discouraged.

I then asked her what she was doing with her time at the moment and she shared that she was off work because of a back injury – I had noticed she was moving very carefully – so I offered to pray and wouldn’t you know it, God was right there. She got zapped by the power of God and had to grab the trolley and freezer to keep from hitting the floor. It did look funny as I stood there holding her up but God healed her, totally removing both pain and stiffness from her back. We carried on chatting for a few minutes more as we checked the back again for any pain (all gone) then went our own ways with her being healed and me being encouraged. But God wasn’t finished yet.

As I left the supermarket the same lady was in the foyer talking to another lady. She called me over and asked if I would pray for the lady she was talking to. So we chatted for a few minutes as I asked God to give me either a word of knowledge or a prophetic word for this lady, then I started to pray and God did both- gave me words of knowledge and a prophetic word of encouragement for her. The lady started to cry as I shared the things God was showing me and right there in the foyer Daddy God came and ministered love, healing and encouragement to her. Needless to say I left the supermarket greatly encouraged by it all and so did the two ladies God ministered to.

I also was a bit chagrined that I hadn’t thought to consciously invite God to be with me as I went. I certainly will do next time I go out to the shops. So next time you go to the supermarket just be aware God loves going there with you and there just might be a divine appointment waiting there for you as there was for me. Yaaay Go God!!!