Entry 9

This entry carries on from yesterdays as part of the entry on Step into…’ and is the last entry in this series of Prophetic Insights into 2009.

Step into… the supernatural & revelatory encounters

There will be an increase of the supernatural this coming year. It will happen in many areas – healings, miracles, signs & wonders. One of the things we have seen happen a lot this year that I believe will increase in this coming year, is the area of revelatory encounters with God and Christ. Dreams, visions and third heaven encounters will increase.  Children will be released to see the angelic and have encounters with Jesus on an increasing basis. Many people who have never seen visions before will begin to see them. Some will step into their seer gifting and prophetic people will emerge from hiding.

There will be an releasing of prophetic voices again in our nation. There has been a very real lack of prophetic voices in our nation over many years. There have been many reasons for this, one being that we have not honoured the Prophetic in our nation, we have shut it down in our Churches and as a result many prophetic people were shut down in their gift. One of the marks of the Prophets that will emerge during this time is that they will be full of the Father’s heart; His love will drip from the words they bring. These prophetic voices will not speak harsh judgment and their words will not cut to pieces, even if they do bring correction. Their words will be seasoned with the love of God and it will be evident they have been through the dealings of God in their lives to bring them to this place.

I believe there will be, unfortunately, a continuing tension and dividing in the Church regarding the supernatural power of God and manifestations of that power. The voices of the critics will get louder and they will continue to draw other Christians into their place of criticism. This year people will have to make a choice where they stand, what they believe and who they listen to. But in the middle of this God will be drawing people and many will become hungry to experience the reality of God as they hear the reports of what God is doing.

In all this we will need to learn how to rightly discern between the true and the false supernatural, what comes from God and what comes from the flesh or the devil. There is good teaching out there on this so make sure you learn how to do this – it will be absolutely vital in the days ahead as more supernatural manifestations and experiences happen in peoples lives and are released into the earth.

(We have a teaching series on discernment – “Wheat and Tares” by Patricia King in our resource stock; if you are interestedyou can contact us.)

Step into… change

There is one sure thing in life – change. This is a season of change and transition for the Church in NZ, both in individuals’ lives and for the corporate Body. There will be changes in many areas, and some of those you don’t even need to be prophetic to see. Obviously the economic situation is bringing many changes and these will continue.

God is rearranging His troops, also, at the moment and there are location, job, and even Church changes for some. He is positioning people and bringing them into the area of their greatest effectiveness. Don’t hold tightly to the things you’ve done in the past. Flexibility is key at the moment. Allow God to make the changes.

This is a season where there are changes in focus and even giftings happening in peoples’ lives. Some of the gifts we have moved strongly in during past seasons may take a back seat while other gifts come to the fore in our lives. It is a time when the giftings in our lives need to make way for the most effective gifting to rise to prominence in this season. We need to know – what is the gifting that is going to be most effective for releasing the Kingdom of God in this hour through our lives? We need to be open to the possibility that that gift might not even be our primary gifting, or the thing we have moved most in during the past. Allow God to bring your most effective gift to the prominent place. Hold loosely to the others.

Step into… financial security

This is a season to step into financial security. But this security will be based on the knowledge that God is a loving Father who does not lie when He says that He will provide for us. It will not be a security based on how much we have in the bank. It’s a season of uncertain economic situations and times. I believe this season will yet worsen before it improves and we will be called to reassess many things – including what our finances mean to us and where our finances go. This is closely linked to the trust issue – Do we really trust God to be our provider, to look after us? Do we see it as our responsibility to provide for ourselves and our family? Do we see our job as the source of our provision? 

Sow and reap – Step into giving, not away from it. Our natural instinct in times like these is to give into fear and to withhold – to cut back in our giving. There are many reasons why we do this, but the key is to respond in the opposite spirit – to give instead of withholding. Give and see that  “God is not a man that He should lie; neither the son of man that He should repent: has he said, and shall He not do it? Or has He spoken and He shall not make it good? Num 23:19 

Watch and see God come through for you! “Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you,” Luke 6:38. Again it must be a lifestyle choice to trust God and give, even when our life facts say we cant afford to.

Step into… your glorious future

Your future is glorious and full of the presence and power of God. God wants to reveal Himself to you and through you. This year is a year to take giant steps into the release of that in your life. I pray that this year will be your most fruitful yet – that you will find the joy and fulfillment that comes in living a surrendered life. Expect big things from God and step into your destiny.

There you have it

These prophetic insights have been what I have sensed God show me in relationship to this year. Things like these provide what I call ‘life change points’ and are an opportunity for us to assess our lives. These prophetic insights are, for me a chance to do a spiritual stocktake – Where am I in regards to this? What do I need to repent of and change? How does God want me to walk forward into this year in the light of this? I think it might well cause a similar response in you, the reader, too. Take this opportunity to do that stocktake. Ask God what of these prophetic insights applies to where you are at, what do you need to repent of and change, and how does He want you to walk forward from this change point?

While there is so much God wants to release to us, obviously it will not be without it’s battles. I would be naïve to think that there will not be hard times in the midst of it. We will have battles to face and fight, but in it all God promises us that He will be with us – He will never leave us or forsake us. He promises to work with us, doing signs and wonders. Let’s stay in that place of faith and this year take ground, pushing back the powers of darkness, as we let the glorious love and power of Christ be seen through us.

Go! Release the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth … and have fun doing it!