Entry 8

This next section ‘Step into…’ will be in two parts

Step into…

This is a year to step into the things of God, not step away from.

Step into… wholeness

Step into your wholeness. Embrace the dealings of God in your life and step into them. Don’t go into them with an attitude of “if I have to”. Let God expose the things that need healing and dealing with in your life. Then run toward God in them, not away from Him. The coming harvest needs people that can show that there is true healing for things, not just ‘learning to cope’. You are one of those people and as you let God deal with the stuff in your life you will find not only a place of real healing for yourself, but for many others as they see what God has done in you.

Step into… destiny / the will of God for your life

Step into a new release of anointing, a new release of the power of God in your life. We are coming to the days of the revealing of the ‘sons of God’. For us to be revealed in all our glory we, the Church, must realize who we are in Christ and who Christ is in us. This is a time when God is more strongly revealing that He is, indeed, in us!  We say ”we know that”, but it is not a head knowledge of this truth that is now coming – it is a revelational and experiential knowledge. This year, if we will ‘step into’ this, we will see more miracles, and we will know that it is because ‘Christ is in us’, not because of our efforts, that we have done this! 

It’s a year for giant steps, taking steps based on the size of your spirit not the size of your soul. Step into your dreams. Possess and occupy your land. This is a year to say “Give me my mountain” as Caleb did. Younger or older, it makes no difference – God means for you to walk in His power, doing miracles and bringing change to our nation. Being middle aged and older does not mean you are off God’s radar. These are your best years, the years when you so often have the time and funding to do what God wants. Even if you don’t think you have the funding, don’t let it stop you. Trust God and step out. God will supply! 

Many of us spend hours pondering God’s will for our lives. While this is good, and we need to know God’s will for our lives, sometimes we aren’t even doing His already revealed will, which is to Go, preach the gospel, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, set the captives free and raise the dead, for starters. Let’s at least be obedient and do those things. As we do, the other will fall into place and God will show us what He has for us. God knows we want to know His will for our lives, but if we aren’t doing what He as already revealed to us, how can we really expect that He will show us even more.

Step into… boldness in sharing the ‘good news of the Kingdom of God’

This is a year to step into being bold and courageous. It’s a year to beat intimidation that so often stops us stepping into what God has for us in so many areas. This year determine to beat intimidation when it comes to sharing your faith. People in NZ are hungry for answers to the questions that life throws at them. They are hungry to know God. Many of them have tried so many things, from drugs to New Age stuff, and found it doesn’t have the answers they sought. We have bought into a lie that NZ is hard and that people don’t want to know about God. They do and we are finding more and more that people are open to hearing the good news that God not only knows them, but loves them.

God thank You that Your plans for my life are revealed in Your Word – heal the sick, cleanse the lepers and raise the dead. Forgive me for ignoring Your command to ‘go into all the world’, my world, and preach the gospel. Your Word says that as I do this You will work with me, doing signs and wonders – Mk 16.  I’m destined for a life of miracles, a life of walking in Your power, of seeing it released in my everyday life, wherever I go. Give me boldness and courage to step into all that You have for me this year. Amen.

 ‘Step into…’ will be completed in the next entry when I will look at three other areas – the supernatural, change, and financial security. That will then wrap up this series of Prophetic Insights into 2009.