Entry 7

In this entry of the Prophetic insights for 2009 I want to look at the second word I felt God strongly impress on my spirit for this year – 

Praise before…

Praise before… is going to be a key element in releasing the miracles we need in our everyday lives. God says in Ps 50:23 He who sacrifices thanksgiving honors me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God.” Thanksgiving = todah (Hb) – praise, thanksgiving – for things received and for things not yet received.

To give thanks for things not yet received is a key to releasing faith that will create miracles. Release the High Praises (see previous entry from last week) from the place of ascended worship and see God work on your behalf.

2 Chron 20:21 “He appointed singers unto the Lord…and they went out before the army singing ‘praise the Lord, for His mercy endures forever’. “ In this testimony of God’s power, the children of Israel released those ‘before’ praises and God came through and brought them victory. They praised their way into victory.

The ability to praise before … can come from two sources

1. Obedience to the Word – We read in the Word of God that we should give thanks in all things – 1Thess 5:18; that we should praise God for the answer even before it comes – Ps 50:23 and so we can do this out of obedience and God loves and honours that. In this type of praise it is a praise based on the ‘logos’ Word. There is a difference between obedience and faith. They are not the same, but one can lead to the other. As we praise out of obedience, at some stage it will flick over into doing it from the basis of faith.

2. Faith – Faith sees the future and praises from that perspective. That place of faith comes from revelation – that we have what we have asked for. We know that it’s a ‘done deal’ and so we begin to praise in advance for things not yet seen. That type of faith, like God, “calls those things that are not as though they were” – Rom 4:17. That type of faith can happen through that ‘knowing that you know’ type revelation or through the visionary revelatory realms or even through the Word being quickened – the ‘rhema’ Word. In any of those ways we have seen the future, know that we have what we have asked for, and so we praise from that perspective.

How exciting to see our praise release things in the heavenly realms that we will then see manifest in the earthly realm. ‘Praising before’ is praising from the place of ‘I know so’ victory, not the place of ‘I hope so’. Begin to release this sort of praise into your situations and you will see them change. As the saying goes “It may not happen overnight, but it will happen.” Faith comes into agreement with God and stays in agreement with Him one moment longer than your circumstances can stand it. Let’s be that sort of people this year.

Father God, this year I pray that You will teach me to see with Your eyes, that I may truly walk by faith so that my praise may call those things which are not as though they were; that my praise may be the thing that prepares the way for You to show me Your answer to my prayers, and draws that answer from the unseen realm into the seen, from heaven to earth. Amen.