Entry 6

Prophetic Insights for 2009

As I have waited on God for this year I have felt very strongly three words impressed on my spirit over and over again…


Praise before…

Step into…

Over the last few weeks I have prayed into each of these words and the blog entries over the next few days will, I believe, unfold some prophetic insights into what God wants to do in each of these areas. Of course, these are just one person’s insights, but I do believe they carry some of the heart of God. While they will not be the whole story of what God wants to do in our nation, I believe they are a part of it.


I believe trust is a big issue on God’s agenda at the moment. God is bringing the Church into a deeper place of trust and in some cases back into a place of trusting Him. He is using the current world circumstances and our individual life facts to show up the weaknesses in our lives in the area of trust. Do we really trust Him or is it just something we say? How much do we trust Him? Why do we trust Him? How do we even assess His trustworthiness? Is it just because we have been taught we should, or is it because we know, really experientially know, that He can be trusted? There are over 130 verses in the Bible that talk about trusting the Lord. When God says something that much it’s certainly because we need to hear what He says. Here are just two of those verses…

Ps 9:10 “And those that know Your name will put their trust in You: for You, LORD, have not forsaken those that seek You.”

Prov3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding.”

The following are some areas that I believe God is highlighting regarding the issue of trusting Him…

Trust and ‘Father’ issues

in this season God is asking whether we trust His love for us. He is moving people from seeing Him as a harsh parent, or even judge, to seeing Him as a loving Father; to knowing Him as the one who is love.  It’s not enough to just know this as theology – we must know it experientially. It’s a time when ‘Father’ issues will surface here in NZ as we look at the area of trust. We must sort out our ‘Father’ issues. We must come into the place of revelation with this aspect of who God is in order for the world to see Him as He really is. We must know the Father loves us and walk as if we know it. It’s that knowledge, security and love that will draw people to the Father. It’s also out of that place of love and security that we step out and do miracles with confidence.

The Church in NZ still has to come into a real place of knowing the love of the Father. In some ways we missed the revelation of that that came as a result of what God released in the Toronto blessing. We missed it because we got hooked up on the manifestations instead of looking for the revelation. And the revelation was about the Father’s love and the importance of trusting Him.

This is very closely tied to the next section which is another area where I believe we need to trust God more.

Trust and moves of God / manifestations

We have to get past getting hung up on manifestations. This is absolutely key for this time. It’s never about the manifestation. Its about intimacy, it’s about revelation. The manifestation is always an invitation to intimacy; it’s an invitation to revelation. When God does things and manifestations happen there is always a revelation that comes with them and we need to lean in closer and ask for the revelation. What does God want to reveal to us about Himself or His kingdom? Next time you see a manifestation, trust God and look past the manifestation and ask for the revelation.

One day in a service I stood next to a big staunch man who held in his hands a small diamond-like gemstone that God had placed there as He worshipped. He stood there with tears streaming down his face and said to me, “Lyn, I finally get it. My Daddy loves me!” He definitely got it! It wasn’t about the gemstone, beautiful as that was. It was about the revelation that came with it.

God knows what the Body of Christ needs and why. Let’s discern the Spirit of God at work in these things and ask God for the revelation before we react out of ignorance, or even worse, arrogance – assuming that we have God figured out, we know how He works and why He does things. ‘Why would God do that?’ is always the question of a limited human mind. The question is not ‘why would He do that?’ but ‘what does God want to show me in this? What does He want to reveal about Himself or His Kingdom?’

Does that just mean anything goes – that we never question or need to discern if something is of God? As long as man is man there will always be the possibility for there to be flesh involved in what happens. Of course we still need to discern if something is of God or not, but let’s make sure we discern that by the Spirit of God, not by our own prejudices or presuppositions of how God works.

If God cannot do something we’ve never seen before, or something out of the ordinary, then we must delete half of the Bible and say it isn’t God because everywhere in the Word of God that we look we see Him doing things that are outside of peoples’ comfort zones – things that had never happened before and things that are just plain puzzling at times. God’s ways are definitely higher than ours and we don’t always see from His perspective, but let’s trust that He does know what He’s doing and ask Him to teach us to see from His perspective.

Trust and provision

This is closely linked to the section above – trust and ‘Father’ issues. When we really know that God is love, and that He is a loving Father, we know that when He says that He wants to provide for us He means it. Does that mean we will never have fears and doubts? Of course not. – we are human. But we do not need to give in to those fears and doubts. When we give in to them we open the way for them to rule us and we step out of walking in the Spirit and we walk in the flesh.  I’ll write more of what God has shown me about this in a later entry in this series.

New steps in trust

Obviously the area of trust is something that affects so much of our Christian walk. There has been a very definite eroding, by the devil, of our trust in God in many areas of our lives in the Church in NZ. It’s time to recognize it and put a stop to it. While the days ahead might become even more uncertain from the world’s perspective, they are not uncertain from ours. God can be trusted with your life and the lives of your family. He loves you with an everlasting love and His plan is for good, not for evil, to bring you into a glorious hope and future – Jer 29:11. Let’s step into even greater trust than before, as the days ahead for the Church in our nation are filled with the promise of many great adventures In God.

Father, show me the areas where I have let my trust in You slip – the areas where it has been eroded. Please forgive me for letting the devil rob me in this most important, foundational part of my relationship with You and I ask that You will help me step into greater trust and faith. I determine, with Your help, to take back the ground stolen and to take new steps into greater trust in You. Amen.