Entry 5

This is the last entry in – Wrapping up 2008. Tomorrow I will begin to share what I believe the Lord has shown me concerning 2009.

Who moved the boundary stones / Pursue, overtake, recover all

I was in prayer for NZ in the last few days of 2007 asking God for insight into 2008 for NZ when God very clearly said to me “Who moved the stones?” I replied “What stones Lord” and His reply was “Who moved the boundary stones in the Church in your nation?” This prophetic insight caused me first to search to see what the term boundary stones meant and then look at which were shifted in my own life then the life of the Church in NZ. It has been something we have looked at with congregations around the nation this past year. As a result many people who had allowed the enemy to take ground in their lives have taken much ground back from him this past year. Churches have also taken back territory as they realized what they were meant to walk in. This word still rings true this year 2009 as we continue to pursue, overtake and recover all just like David and his men did in 1Sam 30.

What are the boundary stones God has placed around your life? What is the territory He has said you can occupy? What does the Word of God say is yours to walk in? This is your territory and you are called to exercise dominion in it. Are those boundary markers where they should be, or has the enemy moved them in and said “You can have this, but not that?” Recognize who moved the boundary stones, what ones have been moved, and set about pushing those boundary stones back out to where they should be.

We must know what God has said is ours. We push the boundary stones back out by taking our authority over the enemy, in prayer establishing where our territory lies, and then defeating the enemy there.

For example in Mark 16:18 it says “they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover”. Is that happening in your life? If not then the enemy has moved in your boundary marker. Take that ground back – first in prayer, then in action. After re-establishing your God given authority through prayer and declaration, get God’s strategy, then take the spiritual and practical steps needed to make that territory yours again e.g, pray for those you meet who are sick and keeping on praying until you see consistent answers to your prayers. One answered prayer does not make a lifestyle – consistent action does. One answered prayer may see the boundary stone shifted a bit, but only a consistent lifestyle will ensure it stays shifted back out.

It’s time to take back what the enemy has stolen from you. Ask God to show you what boundary stones have been moved in around your life and start, one by one, to move them back out to where they should be.